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Beyond Security: Outdoor Cameras as a Tool for Monitoring Wildlife

If you are the proud owner of a cabin and enjoy the remote and wild areas outside of Calgary, you are probably looking for comfort and peacefulness on your days off. But animals and nature can be unpredictable, and monitoring the activity around your cabin may be more important than you think. In this blog, we are going to explore how outdoor cameras can be valuable tools for monitoring wildlife around your cabin.  

Outdoor security camera

The Risks Wildlife May Bring to Your Cabin in Alberta 


There are many remote areas in Alberta that can be home to a wide range of wildlife. From black and grizzly bears to cougars and coyotes, there is a variety of animals that can pose risks to you and your cabin outside of Calgary. For instance, it is widely known that bears are usually attracted to trash bins and the smell of food. So even if you haven’t seen them near your cabin in recent times, it doesn’t mean they can’t show up once you settle in with all your groceries.  


Moreover, some smaller animals such as raccoons might cause electricity issues in your cabin as there have been cases where people spotted them chewing on electrical wires. 


How Outdoor Cameras Can Help You with Wildlife 


Warning You When Detecting Animals 

The best way outdoor cameras can help you detect wildlife near your cabin is by warning you about the presence of an animal. In many cases, cameras can be equipped with an alarm system that detects movement of any source around the premises of your property. If something shows up within the reach of the camera, you will be instantly warned with a beeping sound. This can greatly enhance the security of your cabin and allow you to take quick action in an emergency.   


However, it is worth mentioning that security cameras can also attract small insects in search of shelter and warmth. For that reason, we have a blog post with tips on how to keep insects away from your security cameras.  


Recording Wildlife Activity 

From thermal cameras to smart security systems, there are many advanced options that can help you keep your cabin safe. For instance, many security systems are capable of recording the activity that happens in front of the cameras. Some systems can even recognize whether the movement detected was the activity of an animal or a human being. This means that even if you are not in the property but want to check the wildlife activity around your cabin, you can be notified on your smartphone every time an animal is recorded. Many people use this feature with indoor security systems to monitor pets in the house, but it could also be used with outdoor cameras to give you an idea of what happens around your cabin when you are not there to see.  


Outdoor Security Cameras for Your Cabin in Calgary and Lethbridge 


Looking for outdoor security cameras for your property in Calgary and Lethbridge? Worried about wildlife activity around your house? Guardian Security Solutions has got you covered. We provide a wide range of services and products to help you keep your property safe from any type of unwanted visitors. Give us a call and let us help you enhance the security of your place.  


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