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CCTV camera surveillance system outdoor of house.

VX3 HD Outdoor Camera

Say goodbye to false alarms and hello to notifications that matter with the VX3 HD Outdoor Camera from Resideo Pro. This intelligent home security tool offers advanced event detection distinguishing people, packages, vehicles, and animals. At Guardian Security Solutions, we offer these sophisticated outdoor cameras to our customers in Calgary and Lethbridge as part of our comprehensive inventory of outdoor security cameras. Contact us today to learn more.

Advanced Features

The VX3 HD Outdoor Camera offers state-of-the-art protection for your home or business, with a complete set of video surveillance capabilities, including:

Night vision

Colour night vision

Colour night vision on-event

Deterrent spotlight and siren

Additionally, the camera features a high-resolution 2MP image sensor with WDR (wide dynamic range) for crisp, clear, live and recorded video.

CCTV camera is mounted outside the house

Why the VX3 HD Outdoor Camera?

The VX3 HD Outdoor Camera takes self-monitoring home security to a new level. Installing these outdoor cameras on your property has many benefits, including:

  • Timely notifications so you’re always aware of what’s happening.

  • Easy to view live or recorded video any time and from anywhere through the Total Connect 2.0 App.

  • Stylish and compact design that blends in with various exteriors.

  • A clear view of what’s going on, whether it’s a bright sunny day or a dark night. 

  • Integration with your other smart home solutions. 

  • Two-way interactive audio so you can greet visitors or warn unwanted guests. 

Furthermore, the VX3 HD Outdoor Camera is built to last. Made of a UV-resistant material, the camera is designed to prevent environmental deterioration and operates in extreme weather conditions, from 50 C to -40 C.

Easy Installation

The VX3 HD Outdoor Camera supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet network connectivity for easy installation. If the ethernet stops working, the camera automatically switches to Wi-Fi to ensure the recording continues.


The camera is powered by your home’s AC electricity or Ethernet PoE. The dual-power configuration ensures continuous operation through power fluctuations. Plus, an optional backbox is available for stowing cables out of the way and out of sight.

Outdoor Security Cameras in Calgary and Lethbridge

Guardian Security Solutions proudly offers the VX3 HD Outdoor Camera in Calgary and Lethbridge. We provide only the highest-quality alarm systems for our customers, and our installation technicians will ensure they’re strategically located around your property. Contact us today to request an appointment with one of our home security experts.

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