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Surveillance and Security Camera at Home

Resideo + Brilliant Smart Home Security Systems

Experience the height of smart home convenience with the Brilliant Smart Home Control and mobile app. Compatible with Resideo home security systems, Brilliant elevates your living space by effortlessly managing an array of devices, from lights to cameras, all through an intuitive LCD touchscreen. Guardian Security Solutions is your one-stop shop for home security and automation, so contact us today to learn more about these exciting products.

Why Choose Brilliant Smart Home Control?

Here’s why Brilliant is the game-changer for your home:

  1. Easy installation. Just replace a standard light switch with the Brilliant one-switch panel. Designed for a one-gang electrical box, this sleek panel seamlessly integrates into your existing setup, requiring only neutral and ground wires. Enjoy a 12.7-centimetre (five-inch) touchscreen and a built-in camera with a privacy shutter and motion sensor — all without custom wiring or hubs.

  2. Comprehensive fingertip control. Brilliant empowers you to control lights, music, cameras, locks and more, all from a single location. With built-in Alexa, managing smart devices is a breeze. Brilliant offers versatile control options whether you prefer touch, voice, motion detection or the app.

  3. In-wall integration. Streamline your home’s audio, security and access control with in-wall Sonos and Resideo home security compatibility. Accessing music, monitoring visitors and securing your home has never been more convenient. You don’t even need a smartphone!

  4. Declutter your space. Eliminate countertop clutter by incorporating Amazon Alexa into your walls. Enjoy the convenience of a clutter-free voice control experience with audio and visual responses directly from the Brilliant touchscreen panel.

  5. An all-in-one app. Simplify your smart home experience with the top-rated Brilliant app. Manage your home effortlessly from anywhere, eliminating the need for multiple apps. The app can also be installed as a secondary controller with Resideo Total Connect 2.0 home security systems, such as ProSeries, Vista, Lynx and Lyric.

Blonde woman entering code on home security alarm keypad

What Can You Control?

With the Brilliant Smart Home Security system, you can control these products and more:

  • Home security cameras and locks. Monitor and control video doorbells, security cameras and smart locks.


  • Lighting. Control lights with dimmers, voice, motion detection, scenes or the app.


  • Intercom. Communicate between control panels or through the Brilliant app.


  • Voice. Use Alexa built-in or add other popular voice assistants.


  • Music. Browse and play music directly from the wall touchscreen with Sonos speakers.

  • Mobile App. Control your home from anywhere with the Brilliant app for iOS and Android.


  • Scenes. Automate your home and control multiple devices simultaneously with scenes, schedules, and timers.


  • Climate. Adjust temperature directly or use scenes, schedules, or the app with smart thermostats.


  • Photos. Personalize your space by displaying your favourite pictures through the Brilliant app.

Smart Home Systems in Calgary and Lethbridge

Guardian Security Solutions is a trusted home security and smart home systems company in Calgary and Lethbridge. Our alarm systems experts can help you create a fully integrated smart home. Contact us today to experience the brilliance of home automation.

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