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Guardian Security Solutions was opened in early 2005 by Nick Nicolacopoulos,primarily as a Lethbridge and area residential alarm company and has evolved into 2 locations (Lethbridge and Calgary) almost 10,000 customers and 15 employees. We design, install and service residential/commercial/industrial alarm panels, surveillance systems, access control systems, structured wiring, Intercom systems and Multi room audio with certified electronics technicians on staff.

Guardian is the local Lethbridge and Calgary Authorized dealer for Securtek Monitoring Solutions, a Canadian ULC certified monitoring company serving over 60,000 customers in Western Canada. Guardian offers professional and reliable security for home, business or industry 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We install advanced wireless and wired equipment from top manufacturers to provide our customers with seamless systems that are customized to suit the customer's individual needs and budget. We are committed to work closely with the customer to guarantee an exceptional customer experience.


Focused on Service Excellence, Guardian utilizes the attributes of our people and advanced technology to be the consumers first choice for making homes, businesses and communities safer places to live, work and raise families. Guardian continually leverages it's strengths in order to reach its goal of being recognized as the security leader for personalized service and business excellence.


Our Salespeople and Technicians are trained seasoned professionals with industry certification in design and low voltage installations (i.e. Alarm panels, Surveillance systems, Access control, Multi room audio and structured wire). We Offer 24/7 on call service 365 days per year.


Guardian has showrooms/offices in both Lethbridge and Calgary where customers can view our products first hand and determine the best product to suit their needs and lifestyle. In addition customers can visit us at anytime during business hours for service or to ask us questions.

Learn More about Security Systems in Calgary

At Guardian Security Solutions, we are serious about protecting your family and your home, and we know you are too. Read through our blog to find useful information on security systems including home security, business security and much more. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your installation in Calgary or Lethbridge, give us a call today!

  • 360 surveillance camera in a commercial center
    What You Need to Know About 4k CCTV

    4K CCTV cameras are increasingly in demand thanks to their ultra-high-definition recording capabilities. However, installing them requires a significant investment. Before splurging on a new 4K surveillance camera for your business, here’s an overview of everything you need to know.

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  • Security professional installing a surveillance camera
    3 Risks of Hiring Someone from Kijiji to Install Your Surveillance System

    When it comes to installing your commercial surveillance system, it’s best to rely on a professional from a licensed security company. Although individuals who advertise their services on Kijiji may be more affordable, if something goes wrong, the cost to have the system repaired, replaced or re-installed could quickly accumulate. Here are three good reasons to avoid cutting corners on your surveillance system installation.

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  • Security surveillance camera close-up
    5 Video Surveillance Security Tips for Businesses

    Effective video surveillance can protect your business from a range of risks, including break-ins and burglaries. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your surveillance equipment.

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  • Man using access control system pressing keypads
    Why Access Control Systems Are Better than Keys

    Security technology has progressed far beyond the familiar lock and key. While they still have their uses, keylocks are considerably less convenient, secure and efficient than electronic access control systems. Here’s why you should consider replacing your commercial building’s traditional locks with electronic access control solutions.


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  • In the Security Control Room Two Officers Monitoring Multiple Screens for Suspicious Activities
    3 Ways a Security System Can Help Reduce Stress

    Owning commercial property can be challenging. From break-ins to fires, things can go wrong quickly. Even if you have a good alarm system, false alarms can cause undue stress and force you to spend time making sure everything is under control. With the right set of features, however, your stress levels will go down, and you’ll be able to focus on running your business. Here are three ways a security system can help.


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  • using electronic card key for access
    How to Keep Your Employees Safe with a Commercial Security System

    In addition to protecting your property, a commercial security system can help you keep your employees safe. The kind of business you run will determine what features you need to ensure your workers aren’t at risk. If you value employee safety, here are some of the security features you may benefit from.


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  • Back facing security guard
    How to Choose Between a Security Guard and a Security System

    It can be difficult to determine whether a security guard and a security system is the best option for protecting your business. The fact is, the right decision will depend on what you need to secure, the type of protection you require and other specifics of your situation. However, there are certain things you should consider before you choose between a security guard and a security system.


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  • Safeguard monitoring security cameras
    For How Long Should I Keep Security Footage?

    With the advent of cloud-based footage storage solutions and higher-capacity hard drives, there’s no real limit as to how long you can keep security footage. However, storing everything can quickly become hard to manage, so here are some tips to help you decide which footage to keep and for how long to keep it.


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  • Fire alarm
    How to Reduce Insurance Premiums with Security and Fire Alarms

    Equipping your business with a robust fire and security alarm system is a great way to make it safer and more secure. But in addition to protecting your property, installing an alarm system may help lower your insurance rates. Here’s why.


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  • Older women laying in bed
    How Can a Medical Alert System Help with a Medical Emergency?

    Are you concerned about potentially falling and injuring yourself? If so, a medical alert system can help. This type of device can connect you to emergency help at the push of a button. Anyone who’s at risk of a stroke, fall or other medical emergencies should consider installing this technology.


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  • Night vision security cameras monitor
    Benefits and Types of Night Vision Security Cameras

    A quality security camera needs to be able to capture clear and visible footage. Most cameras produce these images by detecting and enhancing visible light. However, regular cameras can’t capture distinguishable footage at night when there’s little to no available light. Fortunately, night vision cameras are designed to overcome this limitation.


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  • Warehouse security monitoring
    How to Secure Your Warehouse or Backstore

    If you handle valuable materials or sell high-end products, it’s imperative that you make your stockroom or warehouse as secure as possible. By protecting your investment from would-be burglars, you’ll also be able to monitor suspicious behaviour and reduce the risk of accidents that could prove costly to your inventory. Here’s how to go about securing these spaces.


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  • Women typing security code
    5 Reasons Guardian Security Trusts Honeywell Products

    Keeping your home or business safe is more important than ever. But with so many security systems on the market, how do you know which option to choose? At Guardian Security Solutions, we trust Honeywell products to keep our clients safe and secure. Here’s what you should know about this reputable manufacturer.


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  • Pressing keypads and arming an alarm
    Understanding ULC Certification and Its Benefits

    If you own or manage any type of commercial building, you’re probably well aware that you need to have a fire monitoring system that complies with building and safety codes, as well as a burglar alarm. A ULC certificate is proof that your fire and burglar alarm systems meet industry standards. Here’s what you should know about ULC certification and the benefits it provides.


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  • Man installing a ceiling security camera
    The Advantages of Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras

    When it comes to security cameras, location is everything. This is why it’s important to place them in high-traffic areas, and anywhere that will allow you to have a clear view of your property and potential intruders. But does your business need both indoor and outdoor security cameras? The answer depends on the type of property you own and your particular concerns and priorities. Here’s some information about the benefits offered by both of these cameras.


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  • Tablet hold by a woman
    3 Things To Consider When Choosing an Access Control System

    Access control systems use a combination of hardware and software to limit access to commercial facilities. They can also be used to restrict access to specific areas of the building and monitor employee movement. Here are three things to consider when choosing one.


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  • An opened door with the keys inside a lock
    6 Myths About Home Burglaries

    Inaccurate assumptions about break-ins and the behaviour of burglars can leave blind spots in your security system. The best way to protect your home is to ensure you’re prepared for a variety of scenarios. Here are six common misconceptions about burglaries.


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  • Sad man sitting on a couch
    Advice for Coping With the Psychological Effects of a Burglary

    When your home is burglarized, you can be robbed of more than just your belongings. Many people face emotional difficulties in the aftermath of a break-in. The fear, sadness, anger and other feelings they experience can disrupt their life more than the actual material losses. Here’s some advice for dealing with these repercussions.


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  • Lighting in a beautiful house
    How To Deter Would-Be Burglars

    Everyone wants to feel safe in their home, but the reality is that break-ins happen often. Luckily, there are several preventive measures you can take to dissuade potential intruders. 


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  • Master lockers and a chain
    5 Reasons To Avoid DIY Security Systems

    Advances in wireless technology have made it possible for homeowners to install their own security systems. Although these inexpensive, do-it-yourself options may sound appealing, there are several reasons you should steer clear of them.


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" Having used Guardian Security for many years in my business and at my home, I can attest that I have never received this quality of customer service from any other security company. Any question is answered quickly and any issue is addressed thoroughly. I would, and have, recommend Guardian to anyone. "

Tim Rempel

President of Operations/Publisher2R Inc. / Lethbridge livingere

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