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Outdoor Security Cameras

Need Outdoor Security Cameras in Calgary? Choose Guardian Security Solutions

It is absolutely impossible to keep track of several people, who enter into your business premises, all by oneself. In such cases, security cameras can be of help. If you require outdoor security cameras in Calgary for your commercial organization, get in touch with Guardian Security Solutions. An outdoor security surveillance system can help you monitor your driveways, entrances, walkways, parking area and the areas surrounding your property. When you visit us, our team can help you choose the best option for the surveillance of your outside premises, depending upon the requirement you possess. We can install, repair, and maintain your surveillance systems.

Benefits of Outdoor Security Cameras

Mishaps and crime can occur anytime. Therefore nowadays security cameras have become a necessity. Even a simple installation of CCTV cameras can instill fear in someone who is planning to harm your property or likewise. Some of the other advantages of installing outdoor security cameras are:

  • It becomes easy to monitor events happening just outside your building premises.
  • You can observe any kind of suspicious activity, which can prevent potential theft or burglary.
  • The footages captured by outdoor security cameras can serve as evidence in an event of a crime.
  • Your staffs, personal properties, and assets are protected.
  • Outdoor security camera can also protect you from false liability lawsuits, by helping you prove your viewpoint, with the help of footages captured.

Increasing Your Business Prospects

When a customer is planning to do business with you, the first and foremost thing he/she would want is trust and security. Though installing security cameras might not be a direct reason, but it provides the customer peace of mind, that the business he/she will be dealing with is well protected and secured. So when the customer is at ease, your prospect of business also increases.

Working of an Outdoor Security Camera

An outdoor security camera should be connected to the main control panel and the security office which is responsible for 24 hours surveillance. To broadly divide, there are two kinds of outdoor security system, i.e., an analog surveillance system and network surveillance system.

In an analog surveillance system, the cameras are connected to the computers, or a storage device (such as a hard drive), which can capture the footages from the camera. This hard drive can be used to retrieve the required footage whenever necessary.

Whereas in case of a network surveillance system, the cameras have an inbuilt storage device, which can capture the videos and can stream it on the internet. This kind of surveillance is helpful when you need to check the live status of your property, from a remote location through your internet-enabled mobile phones, tablet or computer.

Customized Security Solutions

The type of camera you would want to install will differ according to your requirements. With the help of our knowledgeable technicians, you can get the right kind of outdoor security cameras installed according to your needs. Be it a night vision camera, monochrome camera, or more, we can choose the best option for you.

Along with various kinds of camera systems and surveillance systems, we also carry a wide range of access control systems, intercom systems, fire monitoring system, home automation solutions, and multi-room audio solutions to name a few.

For more information about automation solutions and outdoor security cameras in Calgary, contact Guardian Security Solutions.



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