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A spider in the middle of his web

Your home security system is designed to keep intruders off your property, but is it prey to other unwanted guests: spiders and insects? Creepie crawlies can obstruct camera views and can even trigger false alarms. Here are a few tips to help you keep spiders and insects off your security cameras.

  • Spiders love to spin their webs around security cameras, so make it difficult for them. Apply a thin coat of lubricant to the camera to make it too slippery for spiders to attach their webs. Use Teflon spray, silicone or Vaseline, but cover the lens with a paper towel before applying.

  • The LED lighting around your camera lens attracts bugs and, subsequently, the spiders that feed on them. If you’re able to do so, turn the LED lights off. If you're concerned about visibility, ask your security solutions provider about night vision cameras.

  • Use rubber bands or zip ties to attach dryer sheets to the outside of your cameras. Bugs hate the smell and won’t go near them.

  • They keep insects off your pet, so why not your home security cameras? Tie a flea collar around your camera and see if it makes a difference.

  • Spraying insect repellent around your cameras will keep bugs at bay for a while.

  • A small computer fan blowing air directly at your cameras may provide a windy deterrent for spiders looking for a calm place to build a home.

  • Once a week, sweep out the camera enclosures and housings and clean the exterior, cover and shield of the camera with a soft brush.

  • Install a bug zapper near your cameras to kill the insects before they become a nuisance.

One of these ideas may work better than others, and some methods may require repetition to achieve consistent results.


Adjust your camera settings

To prevent false alarms caused by insects, change your home security camera’s motion detection alert settings. Adjust the motion sensitivity settings so that your camera will be less inclined to alert you to minor movements. You can also adjust your camera so that it notifies you or your surveillance company only when something of a certain size or larger is in the camera’s field of vision for a specific amount of time.

Finally, get your home security system installed by a professional to ensure cameras are placed in the best locations and have the clearest and most complete views of your property.


Smart security cameras in Calgary and Lethbridge

At Guardian Security Solutions, we provide homes and businesses with indoor and outdoor security cameras and home alarm system installation. We also offer video surveillance and indoor CCTV system services. Contact us today at our offices in Calgary and Lethbridge to learn more about how we can improve security in your home or office.


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