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Thermal imaging cameras detect the temperature by capturing infrared light. While the COVID-19 pandemic has put them in the spotlight due to their potential fever detection applications, they’re an all-around great investment for companies who need an extra bit of security.


Here are five reasons you should consider installing this type of camera on your commercial or industrial property.


1. They’re harder to avoid

Traditional security cameras require light to be useful, which makes them easier for criminals to avoid if they know what they’re doing. When used in conjunction with security staff or a monitoring service, thermal imaging cameras are a much more effective way to catch would-be intruders before they can cause damage or steal something.


2. They’re easier to conceal

Thermal imaging cameras are easier to hide than traditional cameras because they can continue to function as needed even if they’re partially obscured from view. For example, thermal imaging cameras are usually capable of detecting temperature differentials through foliage. Not being able to spot these cameras makes them even harder to avoid.


3. They’re immune to visual impediments

While a regular video camera likely won’t be able to capture useful footage in conditions such as heavy rain or fog, a thermal imaging camera will still provide a perfectly usable image. These devices are also immune to many tactics employed to render traditional cameras ineffective, such as wearing dark or camouflage-style clothing.


4. They’re more reliable

False alarms can be quite common if your security system uses analytics software to examine security camera footage. Due to how these regular cameras operate, fluctuations in the lighting and other non-threatening events can trigger an alarm. This creates a lot of hassle for you and can lead to a loss of productivity among your employees. In contrast, thermal imaging is a much more reliable technology, as it’s immune to many of the events that can trigger a false alarm.


5. They help keep your employees safe

Finally, thermal imaging cameras and scanners can be used to monitor people for elevated body temperature, which could indicate a fever. This is an extremely valuable application of the technology, especially as employers everywhere are trying to make their workplace as safe and healthy as possible.


Your source for commercial surveillance

Guardian Security Solutions provides a wide range of commercial security services, including CCTV and outdoor CCTV systems, monitoring and more. Whether you want to replace a few cameras or overhaul your entire access control system, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for a quote.



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