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Thermal Temperature Detection

Innovative & Effective Body Temperature Measurement Technology

Proactive screening that helps in the early identification of infected persons is the first step towards preventing the spread of viral diseases, such as COVID-19. AI-based technologies have emerged to make this first step a lot easier for you. At Guardian Security Solutions, we can help you leverage thermal temperature detection systems in Lethbridge and Calgary. 


Designed to accurately detect humans having elevated body temperature while not getting confused by other sources of heat, the systems we offer can screen up to 30 persons in just a matter of seconds. The sensor works in conjunction with analytical software so that you get real-time data to make important decisions without delay. Fast, intuitive, and secure, our sensors will ensure round-the-clock protection of your customers and the facility.

Fast & Accurate Measures Across All Applications

Strategically placing an automated, secure, and intuitive temperature measurement system at all entry points or electrically-controlled access areas can go a long way toward lowering the risk and restoring the confidence of your customers or employees. Our EU-GDPR compliant thermal temperature detection technology has also been tested in several risk regions to revive social and economic interactions disrupted due to the risk of contracting the viral infection. The many institutions that can greatly benefit from thermal temperature detection systems are:


  • Industrial / Production Units
  • Offices / Commercial Establishments
  • Banks / Financial Institutions
  • Logistics / Assembly Line Services
  • Hospitals / Pharmacies / Laboratories
  • Retirement Homes / Hotels
  • Schools / Universities / Daycare Centres
  • Government or Local Authorities
  • Event Venues / Stadiums
  • Restaurants / Bars / Malls / Theaters
  • Public Transport / Buses / Airports / Stations

Why Use Thermal Temperature Detection Technology?

The built-in cameras in thermal temperature detection technology can quickly scan humans for elevated body temperature, which indicates a fever. They are particularly designed for high-traffic areas and can scan multiple people. A great advantage is that they can screen people from a distance of up to 29.52 feet away. When screening, the person need not come closer than 8.2 feet to the camera to get screened. This helps maintain a safe social distance too.




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