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Burglar hand in a women’s purse at the beach

It might surprise you to learn that crime rates go up in the summer. Police respond to more burglaries, larceny and violent crimes during these months than at any other time of the year. But what causes this increase? Here’s what you should know.



Here are some of the reasons why crime rates go up in the summer:

  • Opportunity. Many people go on vacation during the summer, leaving their homes unattended. In addition, those that stay at home often leave their windows and doors open to get relief from the hot weather. This creates more opportunities for thieves to target your property.

  • Boredom. When schools break for the summer, many youths are left without structure or supervision. Some will turn to crime to occupy their time. In fact, young people are often the perpetrators of petty crimes.

  • Alcohol. People consume more alcoholic beverages during the summer. Drinking and gathering together outdoors is a common summer pastime, but it can lead to conflicts and alcohol-induced offences like robbery, aggravated assault and other crimes.

  • Aggression. As temperatures rise, so do tempers. Hotter weather can heighten aggression and cause a surge in violent crimes.



As crime rates rise, it’s important to find ways to protect yourself and your property. Here’s how you can stay safe this summer:

  • Don’t leave your windows open. Always close and lock your windows and doors before leaving your house.

  • Don’t hide spare keys outside. Most criminals know where to look. Consider installing a smart lock instead.

  • Keep your vacation plans private. Don’t announce plans to go out of town on social media as this could alert potential burglars that your home will be vacant.

  • Put your lights on a timer. This will make it appear like someone’s always home.

  • Have someone collect your mail. A full mailbox can indicate that no one is at home.

  • Get to know your neighbours. Think about forming a neighbourhood watch so that you can look out for each other and report suspicious activity.

  • Invest in a good alarm system. Security features can deter potential thieves and alert the proper authorities in case of an emergency.



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