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Children coming home from school

It’s typical for your kids’ school day to end before your work day ends. If your children come home before you do, you want to ensure they’re safe until you get there. Here are some safety tips for families with divergent schedules.


Establish a routine

Talk to your kids and make a daily checklist of what they’ll do when they get home, such as locking all doors and windows and notifying you that they’re home. Make rules about using the stove or pool or having friends over. Ensure your children understand they should never open the door to anyone they don’t know, even if it’s a parcel delivery.


Install a smart home security system

Smart home security systems allow you to monitor who enters and leaves your home, so you’ll know when your kids are there. The systems have cameras with a video feed you can check with your smartphone. They also have speakers and microphones, so you can hear what’s happening and communicate directly with your children.


Install a video doorbell

Your children never need to open the front door with a video doorbell. And you’ll be able to see who’s there, too, through your phone. The camera comes equipped with a motion sensor and begins recording video even if no one pushes the button. The doorbell also has a microphone and speaker, so you can talk to the person at the door through your phone, giving the impression that you’re at home.


Install a smart door lock system

As part of a home automation and security system, you can install keyless door locks that connect to smartphones, notifying you whenever they’re engaged. Assign your kids individual codes, so you know who uses the door and when. Notifications can let you know if a door is left unlocked or ajar.


Post an emergency phone list

Make up a list of phone numbers your kids can call when they need help and post it in a prominent place like the fridge or beside your home phone. Include your phone number at work and the number of a trusted neighbour or friend. Teach your kids how to use 911 and have them memorize their home address.


Video surveillance and home alarm system installation in Calgary

At Guardian Security Solutions, we professionally install home alarm systems and provide video monitoring to maximize your home’s security. We’ll configure your indoor smart security camera system, strategically place outdoor security cameras and install door intercom systems. Contact us today to book an appointment with a home security expert in Calgary and Lethbridge.




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