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Security System

A security company's number one concern should be your peace of mind. And in the vast majority of instances, it is the case. Unfortunately, a tiny minority have not read the memo yet, and they tarnish an entire industry's reputation.

Over the last few years, for example, an increasing number of alarm companies have resorted to door-to-door sales to bring in new customers. Though this might be a good way to inform people about new services, it has also led to a certain amount of unscrupulous activity. The BBB registered more than 3,000 complaints against alarm companies in 2009 alone!

The antidote to this kind of activity is simple: be cautious and be informed. Check with the BBB. Inform yourself about all aspects of a security contract before signing anything!

Here are a few more tips on how to handle anyone trying to sell you a new home-security contract:

  • Don't let yourself be pressured into buying or signing anything. A reputable company will give you time to study your options. Compare installation and monitoring fees with other companies and consider the pros and cons of each system offered. Pick the one that's right for you!

  • Get the name of the salesperson, the company they represent and their contact info. Who is providing service and maintenance? Check out the company monitoring your system, and if it isn't the company you are signing with, get everybody's contact info.

  • Study the contract carefully before you sign and make sure all the promises made are in there, including a confirmation that the alarm system is free if that is what was promised.

  • What do the local building codes say about alarm systems and what are the costs of false alarms? If you move, what happens to your alarm system and contract? Get everything in writing!

  • Check your system routinely and document all the issues you have, including with whom you speak, who comes out to fix it and what is done.

The Electronic Security Association, and Canada's counterpart, CANASA, have adopted stricter policies aiming to curb unethical member behaviour and improve service to consumers. These include:

  • Not misrepresenting abilities, experience, credentials or reputation to clients, existing or prospective

  • Not making false statements about competition and maintaining a professional attitude towards clients, suppliers, individuals and employees

  • Ensuring that contracts be clear and unambiguous and termination fees disclosed clearly and respected

At Guardian Security Solutions, we guarantee you friendly, honest and no-pressure service for all your security system needs in Calgary. We have been installing and servicing Calgary alarm systems and security cameras in Calgary since 2005. We have outfitted thousands of homes with security systems in Calgary and southern Alberta. Give us a call with all your questions regarding security systems.



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