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Are you concerned about potentially falling and injuring yourself? If so, a medical alert system can help. This type of device can connect you to emergency help at the push of a button. Anyone who’s at risk of a stroke, fall or other medical emergencies should consider installing this technology.



Injuries from falls can be fatal. However, quick access to medical treatment is associated with better outcomes. A medical alert system can provide peace of mind for yourself or a loved one. Here’s how they can help with medical emergencies:

  • They provide 24/7 access to help. Medical alert systems provide continuous monitoring and access to medical help. In the event of an emergency, this technology will connect you to a dispatch centre. Most systems can also be set up to call a family member or friend automatically.

  • The technology can be wearable. In addition to the home console that’s set up in your home, most systems include medical alert pendants that can be worn around your neck, on your wrist or attached to your belt. This way, you can call for help from anywhere in or around your home.

  • They often have GPS technology. It’s possible to select a system that has a built-in GPS that can detect your location. This allows you to take your device with you when you leave your house.

  • They can be integrated with other systems. Some medical alert systems can be connected to other safety and security devices. These include motion sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, fall detectors, flood detectors and wireless pull cords.

  • They can come with fall-detection technology. In many cases, medical alert devices come equipped with fall-detection technology that can sense a fall of as little as two feet. If a fall is detected, the device automatically calls for help.

  • They offer increased independence. Many seniors prefer to live in their own homes rather than a long-term care centre. For individuals with reduced mobility, a medical alert system can help delay the need to reside in an assisted-living facility.


When it comes to medical alert systems, there are many features and options to choose from. Fortunately, Guardian Security Solutions can help you choose the device that best meets your needs.



Guardian Security Solutions provides and installs professional medical alert systems from trusted manufacturers like Tunstall. This manufacturer is the world’s leading supplier of telecare and remote patient monitoring solutions. To learn more about these products or install one, contact us at our Calgary or Lethbridge today.



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