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A primary priority for any homeowner’s association (HOA) is optimizing the investment of property owners as a collective. It typically includes budgeting for anticipated repairs and maintenance. Have you considered how a safety and security plan can add value to your shared property and private units? Here are some ideas for implementing a plan that protects your HOA members.


Benefits of implementing a safety and security plan

Introducing new safety and security features may require an infusion of funds or implementing new practices. Either way, all residents benefit. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Reduced risk of break-in and theft creates greater peace of mind

  • A documented security plan can help keep insurance costs lower

  • Visible signs of security can deter potential intruders

  • An effective response plan enables faster intervention by police or first responders

Discussing these benefits with your HOA members is an excellent way to gain buy-in from your residents.


What does a safety and security plan look like for your HOA?

Because every property has unique characteristics, each HOA’s plan must fit its specific needs. Here are some tactics to consider.

  • Security assessment. Have a professional security expert visit your site to identify vulnerabilities and recommend security improvements.

  • Property maintenance. Well-maintained properties naturally deter intruders because they communicate that the residents are paying attention. Improve maintenance standards by hiring professional landscapers or introducing standard guidelines for owners to maintain their individual outdoor spaces.

  • Resident awareness. Engaged residents will be more invested in supporting the cause. Educating residents on the collective benefits of security and safety practices will help you gain support for any changes, whether those changes are financial or regulatory.

  • Security-informed decision-making. View all decisions made about any aspect of the shared property through a security lens. For every decision made for the HOA, ask whether the decision will introduce a new risk.

  • Install enhanced features. Explore amenities that improve security and increase property value for your members. Consider introducing video monitoring or door intercom systems. A medical monitoring system can be a huge value-add if your HOA has several members with medical risks.

  • Invest in security staff. Security staff gives your residents added peace of mind and makes uninvited guests uneasy.

Consider establishing a security role on your HOA board and appointing a member to take the lead on these efforts.


Smart security cameras and surveillance systems in Calgary and Lethbridge

Trust Guardian Security Solutions for security systems to keep all the members of your HOA happy and secure. Whether you’re looking for a standard home alarm system for each unit or outdoor security cameras for common areas, we can walk you through our extensive array of products and services. Contact Guardian Security Solutions in Calgary or Lethbridge to discuss your HOA’s security needs.


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