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How Landscaping Can Improve Home Security

Home security is more than cameras and alarm systems. Landscaping can also play a valuable role in keeping your home safe from intruders. Here are some landscaping tips to increase your home security and make potential burglars think twice about invading your home.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Thieves love hiding in dark places. Therefore, ensure your property is well-lit. For example, you can install motion-sensor outdoor lighting as part of your home security system to scare off anyone lurking in the shadows. Moreover, adding solar-powered walkway lights around your home will keep your yard lit but won’t take away from your yard’s aesthetic appeal.

Plant Spiky Plants

Plants with nasty thorns are a good deterrent for fending off unwanted visitors. For example, rose bushes and firethorns can inflict painful scratches on anyone climbing through or over them. It’s a good idea to plant them around your doors, windows and other access points. Moreover, keep your hedges trimmed low and plant them in such a way that thieves can’t hide behind them.

Install Fencing

While privacy fencing may seem secure, robbers can use the privacy to their advantage by breaking into your home unseen. Picket, lattice and chain-link fencing provide a clear line of sight between the street and your home. Therefore, thieves won’t be very eager to break in if they think someone will notice them.

Limit Access to Windows

Windows are the most common entry point for thieves. Therefore, make sure to limit access to all your windows by removing or locking up any ladders and trimming tree branches close to your windows. You should also remove any latticework and vines that thieves could use to climb into your home.

Furthermore, keep your tools locked up so that robbers can’t use them to break into windows and doors. You may also want to lay gravel around your windows so anyone stepping on it will make noise, giving themselves away.

Mow Your Lawn

Keep your lawn mowed and maintained to make your home look lived in. You may want to consider hiring a lawn care company or asking a neighbour to keep your lawn cut while you’re away on vacation. In winter, make sure to keep your sidewalks and driveway clear of snow.

Put Up Signs

Installing a home security system with cameras and alarms is an effective tool to combat thieves. If you have one, make sure you place security signs and stickers around your home to let potential intruders know your home is being monitored 24/7.

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