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Identifying Vulnerable Points: A Guide to Selecting Locations for Surveillance Cameras in Commercial Spaces

Security is a key part of running any business, and commercial security cameras are a common element of keeping your business safe even in the heart of Calgary.  


However, you can’t just put security cameras wherever you think they look best; you have to consider where they would provide the best coverage of vulnerabilities.  


Our blog provides some insight into the ideal locations for security cameras.  


commercial surveillance cameras

Ideal Security Camera Locations 

Security cameras are a time-tested commercial surveillance method, providing security for your business in Calgary. The biggest consideration you need to make when installing cameras is their location.  


Here are a few thoughts on commercial security camera locations and where you should place them. 


Entrances and Exits 

This is one of the most important locations for security cameras. They are the most vulnerable points for any business as they are the primary points of access for employees and customers. Installing cameras at these locations will help to deter theft and vandalism while also monitoring anyone who is entering and exiting the building. 



Elevators are enclosed spaces which makes them an ideal space for criminals to commit crimes such as assault, theft, or vandalism. This makes any elevators in your building a key area to place security cameras to help deter criminal activity.  


Cash Registers 

Another critical area of any business to monitor is the cash register area. They’re often the target of theft and fraud. If you place cameras directly above the register, it can help deter theft as well as provide clear evidence in the event of a crime.  


Office Areas 

Offices are locations where large amounts of sensitive information are stored. This makes them a tantalizing target for theft and espionage. Having security cameras in these areas will help to deter criminals and provide evidence and identification in the event of a security breach.  


Sales Floors 

The sales floor is one of the most valuable revenue-generating areas for many businesses. Because of that, it is essential to keep a close eye on these areas. Cameras can monitor customer behaviour, prevent theft and fraud, and ensure your employees follow your company policies.  


Parking Lots 

Parking lots, especially lots with blind spots or areas out of view of the road, can become hotspots for criminal activity. That makes them an ideal spot for security cameras to help deter criminal activity.  


Loading Docks 

Loading docks are another vulnerable point, being an isolated area of the business that receives valuable goods. Placing cameras at these locations can help to prevent theft and monitor the delivery drivers and employees.  


In addition to the area of the store, you need to ensure that the cameras are placed at the appropriate height and angle to capture clear footage. You’ll likely need to address this on a case-by-case basis, as it can vary by location.  


High Quality Security Cameras in Calgary

At Guardian Security Solutions, we are committed to providing businesses in Calgary with the solutions they need to help mitigate theft and loss. We provide high-quality security cameras with excellent video quality and good coverage, all to help you keep your business safe. 


To learn more about our solutions, please contact us today.  


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