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Maximizing Security ROI: How to Choose the Right Commercial Surveillance System

When choosing a commercial surveillance system for your business, there are different factors to consider. After all, each business is different and has different security needs. Guardian Security Solutions provides various surveillance and business security solutions. Read on to learn more about the factors to consider when choosing the best commercial surveillance system and cameras for your business.

commercial surveillance systems

Camera Types - When choosing a commercial surveillance system, it is important for businesses to consider the different types of cameras available on the market. Ultimately, the camera type will be determined by the surveillance needs of the business. To do so, there are several aspects to consider:

The Resolution – Cameras that shoot in higher definition will generate sharper images, which will in turn provide better quality footage. This is particularly helpful to identify individuals on the business premises for security reasons. Analog cameras generate grainier footage and can only send data to monitors on the premises. IP cameras are usually the preferred choice as they can be linked to mobile devices and provide better quality footage that can be viewed remotely.

Night Vision – If your business requires around-the-clock surveillance, it may be a good idea to invest in cameras equipped with night vision. This will provide maximum surveillance at all times, even at night and in low-light conditions.

Surveillance Coverage – Businesses must also consider the surveillance coverage and field of view when choosing commercial surveillance cameras. The field of view refers to the area that a camera can effectively scan and record. This is an important factor to consider in determining the areas that need to be covered, as well as the number of cameras that will be required for maximum surveillance.

Indoors/Outdoors Cameras – If you require outdoors cameras for your business, it is important to select a commercial surveillance camera system that has weatherproof features. These cameras must also be sturdy enough to resist inclement weather.

The Frame Rate – The recording capacity and frame rate of a camera refers to how much data and footage can be stored on its hard drive.


Storage Options

Different camera systems come with different storage options. The security needs of the business will determine for how long camera footage needs to be stored and remain accessible. It will also determine the storage capacity required. If your business needs extensive camera footage, cloud storage provides an excellent way to extend your system’s storage capacity. This also allows remote access to the saved footage.


Integration with Existing Security Infrastructure

A proper integration with existing security systems will provide better system connectivity and compatibility. This will allow your business to have a streamlined surveillance system that increases the general security of the premises. Factors to consider include the camera types, the storage, the monitors, and the access control systems of your security infrastructures.


Ready to boost your security and invest in commercial surveillance cameras for your business? Contact us today in Lethbridge or Calgary to learn more about our surveillance products!



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