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Enhancing Workplace Security: Implementing Face Detection Systems in Corporate Environments

Security is always one of the most important things for businesses in Calgary and Lethbridge to consider. Security used to begin and end with simple locks and keys, but as the world grows more complex, more and more complex methods are needed to keep your business safe.  


Modern methods incorporate technology and computers in ways that they were never able to before, from key fobs to computer passwords.  


Let’s take a closer look at one of the more interesting modern commercial security systems – facial recognition software.  

face detection

Modern Security Methods

Office security is one of the most important issues facing businesses today. The traditional lock and key security system has not been completely abandoned, but rather augmented by a wide range of modern authentication methods, such as key fobs, ID cards, and passwords.  


Unfortunately, many of these methods, while enhanced, are an inconvenience for users and can end up being confusing and complicated.  


The situation is further complicated by the threat posed by the theft and use of other people’s ID cards or passwords.  


Facial recognition software provides you with a great solution for all those issues. 


How Facial Recognition Works 

Facial recognition works via pattern recognition. It uses face detection technology to identify human faces in video, then performs a face capture process to turn that image into digital information. Finally, it will check your database to see if there are any matches.  


The Benefits of Facial Recognition Software 

Facial recognition software is designed to enhance intra-office security but also improve intra-office convenience. Facial recognition uses artificial intelligence to match an image of a person’s face to a database.  


The benefits of facial recognition include: 

  • Security – facial recognition improves security and improves user authentication. It can provide a much more convenient and secure way to ensure that only authenticated users have access to your business.  

  • Reduced number of touchpoints – facial recognition enables ID processes with less action required by the user. Users will no longer need to enter multiple forms of personally identifiable information or passwords to authenticate themselves. They will simply need to show their face.  

  • Fraud prevention – face recognition software can be used to identify staff or customers, which allows you to reduce the risk of identity theft or fraud. This can be especially important for banking or finance businesses.  


It’s clear that facial recognition software is becoming an integral part of any security system used by businesses. The access control aspects are much more streamlined and they allow you to ensure much tighter security in key areas of your building.  


How to Upgrade Your Security System in Calgary 

Facial recognition will continue to develop and grow, becoming an even greater part of any commercial access control system in the future. Guardian Security Solutions provides businesses throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas with all the modern commercial security systems they need, including facial recognition software. Our goal is to ensure the security and safety of your building.  


For more information, please feel free to contact us today. We are always ready to help you upgrade your security.  


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