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Couple inspecting their apartment

Curb appeal is good, but you don’t want your home to look too inviting to potential intruders. To minimize your home’s vulnerability to break-ins, it helps to get into the head of a potential burglar and look at it as they might see it. Here’s a guide to assessing your property’s security.


Consider your neighbourhood

You’ll notice suspicious activity more readily when you know your neighbourhood’s typical comings and goings. Take note of homes left empty for days or weeks at a time. Connect with your neighbours to create a mutual support network. An app like Nextdoor or a social media neighbourhood group can keep everyone apprised of security concerns.


Make your home look lived in

If you’re frequently away — or even if you work long days indoors — the inactivity can make your property easy prey. Leave signs of life by moving small objects in the garden and emptying your mailbox regularly. Keep grass cut or heavy snow cleared. After a snowfall, leave fresh tire tracks or footprints on the driveway and stoop.


Manage your trash

Curb your trash on the morning of collection day rather than the night before. Avoid putting out boxes revealing expensive products or logos; if you must, break them down and fold them in a way that conceals the contents. Use a micro-cut shredder to destroy sensitive documents.


Fortify your windows

Intruders prefer opening windows to breaking them. Slow down break-in attempts with a secondary lock that allows your window to open but not wide enough for a person to pass through. This measure is especially critical for windows with air conditioning units. Security window film can make the glass more difficult to break.


Don’t neglect the doors

Typically, main doors have multiple locks but ensure yours are maintained periodically. Consider installing a camera peephole, which gives you visibility with your smartphone even when you’re not at home. Add extra protection to your patio door with a secondary lock or security bar.


Delay and deter

Remember that no security solution is impenetrable. The best solutions will deter intruders or slow them down enough to keep your home safe until help arrives. Signs advertising security equipment or services add one layer of deterrence, but don’t stop with decoys. Professionally installed and monitored systems are your best defence against break-ins and burglaries.


Smart indoor and outdoor security cameras and alarm systems in Calgary and Lethbridge

Whatever the gap in your home alarm system, Guardian Security Solutions can fill it. Our expert staff can advise on products like wireless alarms, door intercom systems and video surveillance. We’ll provide a security system worthy of your investment, plus quality installation and maintenance service to match. Contact us today in Calgary or Lethbridge to discuss your home security needs.



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