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Night vision security cameras monitor

A quality security camera needs to be able to capture clear and visible footage. Most cameras produce these images by detecting and enhancing visible light. However, regular cameras can’t capture distinguishable footage at night when there’s little to no available light. Fortunately, night vision cameras are designed to overcome this limitation.



Night vision cameras are able to produce accurate and discernible images in the dark. Here are some of the benefits offered by these types of security cameras:

  • They’re versatile. Night vision cameras are adaptable enough to function in various lighting and weather conditions. Most also offer the versatility to be able to record in black and white or colour. Colour footage can provide useful information such as the colour of a trespassers’ hair or clothing. This can help law enforcement officers identify and capture the intruder.

  • They provide 24/7 surveillance. Night vision cameras allow you to monitor your property day and night. To prevent being detected, many burglars will wait until it’s dark outside to break into a home or business. Night vision cameras will ensure they get caught in the act.

  • They can detect motion. Many night vision cameras are also equipped with motion sensors that can discern movement and send alerts to your phone or computer. They can also be outfitted with motion-activated spotlights to startle and deter intruders.


Not all night vision security cameras are created equal. Here are a few different types currently available on the market:

  • Low-light cameras need a certain level of available light to capture a visible image, and they can’t produce images in complete darkness.

  • Infrared cameras can detect infrared waves that are invisible to the naked eye. This makes it possible for these cameras to be able to capture visible footage without any external sources of light.

  • Thermal night vision cameras can provide visible footage in any lighting condition. They use thermal technology to detect and convert heat into visible images. Because of this, they’re also able to capture visible images in snowy, foggy or rainy weather. 

It’s important to do your research before investing in a night vision camera. With so many factors to consider, it can be a good idea to ask a security camera expert for advice.



Guardian Security Solutions offers professional and reliable security for your home, business or industry. We carry a wide range of security cameras, including night vision cameras. Our team of experts can customize a security system to meet your specific needs. Contact us today at our Calgary or Lethbridge location to schedule a consultation.on.



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