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A smartphone with an alarm on the screen next to a 3d modelling of a house

For decades, commercial fire alarm systems or home security systems have been connected to monitoring services through phone landlines. With the advent of smartphones and cellular technology, this is quickly changing. Switching your security and fire alarm system from a landline to a cellular network has many advantages. Here are just a few.

1. Cellular is wireless

One of the vulnerabilities of traditional phone lines is that they depend on wires to operate. Anyone looking to gain access to your property undetected can simply cut the phone lines and sever the communication between the alarm system and the monitoring centre.

Cellular phone connections are much more difficult to tamper with than a landline. Modern cellular security systems are equipped with anti-jamming hardware to prevent hacking. It means that if you have an emergency or an intruder on your property, you’re much more likely to receive a timely notification.


2. Cellular is reliable

Cellular service has improved considerably over the years, so the number of places without strong service has diminished significantly. Additionally, you don’t have to worry if the power or Wi-Fi drops out because you can depend on cellular service even during the harshest storms. Just ensure your alarm system has a backup battery.


3. Cellular saves you money

A wireless cellular system means you’ll need much less cabling in the walls and ceilings, which reduces installation and maintenance costs.


4. Cellular is adaptable

With a wireless alarm system, you can easily add devices, such as additional cameras, smoke detectors and motion sensors. All you need to do is remotely connect them to the existing network.


5. Cellular is mobile

Wireless cameras and detectors can easily be moved to new locations. You can transfer them to better vantage points in your current building. If you move into a new home or building, you can simply pack up the devices and take them with you.


6. You’ll improve safety

Your alarm system communicates with a central monitoring company in the event of a fire, flood or intruder. The monitoring company then alerts fire, paramedics or police and gets them to the scene as quickly as possible. These scenarios can be life-threatening, and the well-being of all occupants on your property depends on quick responses. A dependable cellular connection will make your home or business a much safer place for everyone.


Wireless alarms systems and security cameras in Calgary and Lethbridge

At Guardian Security Solutions, we provide fire and home alarm system installation and video surveillance system services for homes and businesses. We provide constant, uninterrupted monitoring of our alarm systems to give you peace of mind. Contact us in Calgary or Lethbridge today to learn more about our home and business security products and services.


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