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If you run a business, you may be wondering whether it’s worthwhile to have a surveillance system installed. Here are five key reasons why security cameras are a great investment for your company.


1. They deter employee theft

It can be hard to stomach the idea that your employees might be stealing from you. However, the Retail Council of Canada estimates that employee theft costs Canadian businesses more than $1 billion every year. If you suspect one or more of your employees is stealing, installing security cameras can create an effective deterrent. You should also ensure loyal employees can inform you of wrongdoing confidentially so they don’t have to worry about retaliation from co-workers.


2. They create a safer workplace

In addition to deterring employee theft, visible security cameras are very effective at preventing criminals from targeting your business. A surveillance system will help protect you from losses due to shoplifting and provide you with precious information should something happen. Plus, your employees will likely feel safer, especially if you install a few cameras in the parking lot. This sense of security can be great for employee morale and productivity.


3. They reduce liability

If you have security cameras on the premises, they can help protect you from liability should someone get injured on your property. This is especially relevant in places like Alberta where winters are cold and icy, leading to frequent slip and fall accidents. Having cameras can protect you from a frivolous lawsuit and even shut down a fraudulent claim that someone was injured on your property. They’ll also protect your employees from unfounded claims of improper conduct.


4. They offer free market research

Retail businesses can benefit from free market research, as it’s easy to review security camera footage to find out what products are popular and where clients spend most of their time in your shop. This type of information can be extremely valuable. It can also help you optimize the layout of your store.


5. They lower your insurance costs

Finally, security cameras are a key part of an effective security system. While this isn’t a guarantee, effective security measures are often enough to warrant a discount on your insurance premiums, meaning that your investment in a surveillance system could actually help you save money.


Security experts in Calgary and Lethbridge

Whether you’re looking for an effective surveillance system or want to upgrade your existing security measures, you can rely on Guardian Security Solutions to provide professional and reliable service. Contact us today for a quote..



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