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video surveillance camera

Effective video surveillance can protect your business from a range of risks, including break-ins and burglaries. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your surveillance equipment.

  1. Secure your equipment Since many surveillance cameras require an internet connection to operate, hackers have become a real threat. Consequently, to prevent your system from getting hijacked, you should change your password every three months, use a secured network and opt for cameras with an encrypted signal to make it more challenging for hackers to steal valuable data.

  2. Strategically place your cameras It’s important to place your surveillance cameras in areas where they’ll be effective. For example, placing them in the corners of your buildings could create blindspots. It’s best to position your cameras to capture wide angles above access points, including main entrances, back alleys, rear entrances and loading docks. In addition, storage rooms and other areas with high-value items are also prime locations.

  3. Safeguard your system You should always place your surveillance cameras in areas that are out of reach or in inaccessible locations. This will help prevent thieves and vandals from tampering with them. Generally, it’s best to install your surveillance cameras eight to 10 feet off the ground. Furthermore, you should cover any exposed cables and wiring with a heavy-duty cable conduit to prevent them from being damaged or severed.

  4. Provide adequate lighting If you want to capture crisp, clear footage in low-light settings and pick up identifying details, such as facial features,you should place your surveillance cameras near a light source. If you have no choice but to place a camera in an area with inadequate lighting, consider using a night-vision capable CCTV camera.

  5. Regularly maintain your system It’s important to make certain your surveillance cameras are periodically cleaned, tested and inspected to ensure they remain in good working order. At Guardian Security Solutions we provide professional and reliable testing and inspection services so that your business stays safe.

Additionally, if you want to improve the effectiveness of your business’ surveillance system, ask the experts at Guardian Security Solutions about extra options such as high-definition, infrared and night-vision cameras, as well as auto-tracking features and built-in analytics.



Guardian Security Solutions has been providing businesses in Calgary, Lethbridge and the surrounding area with surveillance solutions for homes and businesses. We carry indoor CCTV, commercial access control and thermal detection systems from industry-leading brands. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or to get a free quote.



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