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Security theft your business faces

Theft can drain more than a business’ profits. It can also dramatically affect employee morale. The good news is many types of business thefts are preventable if you take the appropriate measures. Here are four of the most common types of threats your business faces and some steps to reduce the risk.

1. Burglary. In Canada, break-and-enters spiked during the coronavirus pandemic. This was partly because many businesses were shuttered. However, commercial burglaries are often crimes of opportunity where thieves identify businesses with lax security. You can prevent your business from becoming a target by:

  • Installing a commercial security system with monitored video cameras

  • Building a fence around your business

  • Installing windows made of shatterproof glass

  • Increasing exterior lighting

  • Removing shrubs and trees from around windows

  • Installing steel security doors

2. Robbery. Invasions can be terrifying and trauma-inducing for anyone inside your business. You can mitigate the damage by:

Training employees on what to do in a robbery Keeping limited cash on hand Installing a hidden safe Investing in commercial security video cameras to help police identify suspects

3. Employee theft. A significant amount of commercial theft is carried out by employees. Business owners can reduce the chances of this happening by:

  • Running criminal background checks on all employees before hiring

  • Installing indoor security cameras and informing your employees they’re being watched

  • Adopting a zero-tolerance employee theft policy and telling your employees about it

  • Frequently auditing your accounting books

  • Creating an environment where your employees feel safe to report theft

4. Cybertheft. Today, commercial theft also comes from online sources, specifically data and identity theft. Cybercriminals can steal money, data, and the identities of employees and clients by breaking into your business’s computer network. You can prevent cyber theft by:

  • Always using strong passwords and changing them frequently

  • Installing firewalls and purchasing the latest security software

  • Ensuring employees with phones connected to your database use strong passwords, encrypt their data and install security apps

  • Backing up your data and employee/client information

  • Securing your Wi-Fi networks


Commercial Alarm Systems in Calgary and Lethbridge

Guardian Security Solutions is a trusted name in security. We carry surveillance systems, 24/7 monitored alarm systems and fire monitoring systems for commercial customers. We do business in Calgary, Lethbridge and the surrounding areas. Contact us using our online form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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