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How To Keep Your Business Secure During a Move or Renovation

The stress and chaos of expanding your office space or moving to a new location can leave your business more vulnerable to theft. Doors are left propped open, employees are distracted and unfamiliar faces come and go all day. Here are a few business security tips to keep in mind throughout the process.


Keep Track of Valuables

Create an inventory to help you keep track of expensive electronics and important documentation. When you pack up your office, label each box, so you know which ones to keep a close eye on. Keep all valuables locked up until moving day and, if possible, transport them in secure cabinets. Never leave boxes out in the open and unattended. If you’re renovating, store valuables in a locked room or a secure location off-site until the work is complete.


Have a Supervisor Around

Whether you’re moving or renovating, it can be difficult to control who enters your office or spot an intruder. Keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and make sure the space is never left unattended when movers, contractors or delivery people are present. Make sure someone is around at the end of the day as well, to show visitors out and lock up. If you know you’ll be too busy to supervise the work yourself, ask someone you trust to take over.


Take the Opportunity To Upgrade

Your new workspace will likely have different security requirements. Whether you simply need to replace outdated equipment or bolster your security with an access control system, this is the perfect time to do it. Many security companies offer consultations to help you determine where your security measures are lacking or assess the needs of a new space. Make sure your security system is installed and functioning before you move products and equipment into your new office space.


Choose Companies You Trust

This applies to movers, contractors and security companies. Expanding your business can be a considerable investment, but don’t be quick to hire the cheapest companies. Do your research to find trustworthy professionals who will get the job done properly. 


Commercial Alarm Systems in Calgary

At Guardian Security Solutions, we offer a variety of commercial security systems, including surveillance, intruder alarm and access control systems. For more information or to schedule an installation at your Calgary business, contact us today.