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man breaking into the house

A break-in at your business can have devastating material, financial and psychological consequences. If your business has recently been targeted by thieves or vandals, or if you want to make sure you and your employees are prepared, here’s what to do following a break-in.


1. Call the police

Your first move should always be to call the police. While this may seem obvious, it’s not uncommon for people to panic when confronted with the aftermath of a break-in, so make sure every one of your employees knows what to do. Importantly, try not to contaminate the crime scene by attempting to investigate it yourself or by being too anxious to check for what’s missing.


2. Write down your version of events

While the police are on the way, record your version of events. Any information you can give will help them catch the perpetrators and potentially identify weaknesses in your security system. An indoor CCTV system is highly helpful here.


3. Call your insurer

Once the police have taken your statement, dig out your insurance policy and review it. Contact your agent to answer any questions you might have about the policy and what documentation and information you’ll need to file a claim. This is important for the following step.


4. Document damage and losses

Do a thorough walkthrough of your property and take note of everything relevant. Take pictures of damaged equipment, locks, doors windows and other property. You should also photograph shelves and areas that were obviously burgled. Make a list of the items you still have and compare it against your inventory to determine exactly what’s missing.


5. Speak with employees

Depending on how much damage occurred and how long the investigation takes, you may be forced to close your business for a few days. It’s important to let your employees know about this as well as any potential long-term consequences. It’s also possible that some of them will be worried about their safety going forward. In such cases, implementing an access control system may help reassure them.


6. Contact security experts

If you need to make your business more secure, you can rely on Guardian Security Solutions. From installing a commercial intruder alarm, security system or indoor CCTV, we’ve got you covered. We serve customers in Calgary and Lethbridge, so contact us today to learn more about how we can help.



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