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Man Installing Motion Detector For Security System

All alarm systems should be tested at least once a year. However, the specific procedures needed will vary by manufacturer and model and may be more or less involved, depending on the specific components of your system. However, here’s an overview of what you can expect.


1. Doors and windows

Any sensors placed at doors and windows need to be tested. It’s important to examine the main points of entry into the building as this is where intruders are most likely to try and get in. To test them, open each door and window and confirm that the correct indicator is triggered. If anything unusual happens, the problem will need to be identified and resolved before moving on to the next step.

2. Motion detectors

You’ll need to make sure all motion detectors on the premises are functioning correctly. Each one’s power supply and wiring should be inspected and then put to the test. This is a task best done by two people, with one attempting to trigger the detector by performing the kind of movement it’s meant to catch. If the detector doesn’t work or is too sensitive, technicians can diagnose the issue.

3. Glass break sensors

After receiving a power supply and wiring inspection, and glass break sensors will be tested using a glass break tester that simulates the noise of shattering glass. If the tester doesn’t set off the sensor, its sensitivity may be too low. Alternatively, it could be wired improperly.

4. Cameras and CCTV

While a malfunctioning camera is easier to spot than an improperly wired glass break detector, it’s still important to inspect them during an annual system test. Make sure their field of vision is clear of obstructions and that they’re functioning properly, especially if they automatically select and edit footage.

5. Backup batteries

During the inspection, the technicians will check that the backup batteries are in working order. This is crucial to the effectiveness of your security system. Even if it’s in perfect working order and optimally calibrated, a power failure could render it useless if the backup power source is compromised.


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