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Covid 19 compliant business gathering

The COVID-19 global pandemic presents a number of serious challenges for business owners, not the least of which is ensuring that employees and clients can visit their establishments in a safe manner.


Luckily, there are ways to use access control technology to help with this issue. Here’s how.


Hands-free access control

Avoiding potentially contaminated surfaces and practising social distancing are crucial to reducing the risk of infection. Using your access control system to allow hands-free entry into your business is an effective way to reduce the risk of infection as well as a clear sign to your customers that you take their health seriously. 

Automatic door locks and smartphone-controlled security measures allow you to keep your property safe while reducing contact. They also allow you to deal with potentially tense situations without putting yourself in harm’s way.


Remote access control

The more you can do remotely, the less your business is at risk. Remote access control makes it possible for you to stay home safely without sacrificing the security of your livelihood. Additionally, it can protect your employees and customers.


If you or a manager needs to stay in quarantine for two weeks, having the possibility to remotely monitor and manage your access control system is invaluable. It allows you to let in employees who may have misplaced their credentials or permit an unscheduled delivery.


Video surveillance and access control

Combining access control with remote video surveillance provides full control over your business without the need to visit the premises in person. Cloud-based solutions even allow you to share access to the video feed with other people, ensure you have backups and are able to avoid redundancies. They also grant you the option to delegate management and monitoring duties or take care of them yourself from a distance.


Some systems can also be equipped with thermal detection systems. This technology can aid you in detecting fever in customer and employees. It can also be calibrated to send an alert if an intruder or employee enters a restricted area.


Security system experts in Calgary and Lethbridge

Access control systems can be customized to fit the needs of any business. At Guardian Security Solutions, we provide professional and efficient service. Contact us today for a free quote or to find out more about the security systems we carry and the various monitoring services we offer.



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