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A burglar gathering small home electronics

Burglars work fast. They can enter your home or business in less than a minute and typically don’t spend more than 10 minutes inside. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most thieves know exactly what to look for and where to find it. Knowing what burglars are looking for can help you protect your valuable possessions. Here’s a list of the top items stolen by burglars.


  1. CASH. Cash is the number one thing burglars are looking for because it’s untraceable and easy to exchange for goods. While more and more people are moving to debit and credit cards to make purchases, most Canadians still carry cash on their person or have some money in their homes. If you have cash at home, keep it securely stored away.

  2. MEDICATIONS. Burglars often go straight for the medicine cabinet. Why? Prescription medications can be highly addictive and can be sold on the black market.

  3. JEWELRY. Jewelry is small, easily transportable and valuable. Burglars can easily sell watches, gemstones, gold necklaces and bracelets to pawn shops, making your bedroom’s jewelry box a prime target.

  4. ELECTRONICS. In the past, burglars targeted televisions and stereos. These days, smartphones, laptops and tablets are grab-and-go items that robbers can sell illegally. Plus, most homeowners do little to secure their electronics when they leave their homes, so they’re easy pickings for thieves.

  5. CARS. If you don’t lock the doors and set the alarm, your car may become a burglar’s getaway vehicle. Moreover, thieves will target your vehicle for any valuables left inside. For instance, vehicle fleets often have valuable tools and electronics stored inside when it comes to commercial break-ins.

  6. TOOLS. Intruders will go straight to your garage and take any tools they can find. Items such as cordless drills, saws and sanders are valuable and can easily be sold to pawn shops.



At Guardian Security Solutions, we can help protect your home or business from becoming a target for burglars. We offer security camera installation and 24/7 home security monitoring, even if a different company installed your security cameras. Contact us today in Calgary or Lethbridge to learn more about how we can help keep your home and business safe.



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