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Man installing a ceiling security camera

When it comes to security cameras, location is everything. This is why it’s important to place them in high-traffic areas, and anywhere that will allow you to have a clear view of your property and potential intruders. But does your business need both indoor and outdoor security cameras? The answer depends on the type of property you own and your particular concerns and priorities. Here’s some information about the benefits offered by both of these cameras.



If you own a commercial or industrial business, installing indoor cameras may be a good idea. Here are some of the advantages these security devices provide:

  • They can help deter crime. The presence of cameras is often enough to frighten shoplifters, vandals, trespassers and other criminals.

  • They can help you apprehend a culprit. Many businesses are theft-prone. The security footage obtained from cameras can be used to detect criminal activity and provide law enforcement with visual evidence to catch and prosecute the perpetrators.

  • They can help you track inventory. Monitor shelves and aisles using real-time video footage. This will enable you to know when products need to be restocked without even being in your store or warehouse.

  • They allow you to analyze traffic flow. Cameras can provide invaluable information pertaining to customer and employee behaviour. This data can be used to make improvements and increase sales.



Adding outdoor cameras to your overall security system provides additional benefits. Here are some of the advantages they offer:

  • They can help prevent crimes. Outdoor cameras allow you to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on your property. This can enable you to stop criminals before they leave committing a felony. Plus, just like indoor cameras, they can act as a deterrent.

  • They can help protect staff and property. Video surveillance of parking lots and secluded outdoor spaces can help keep your employees safe. It can also reduce vandalism of bikes, cars, equipment and other valuable assets.

  • They can help solve crimes. Outdoor cameras can make your business and community safer. If your camera captures an offence on video, the footage can be used as evidence.



Before installing surveillance cameras, it’s important to think about your main reasons for doing so. Do you want to record a video that can be retrieved later? Or maybe you want access to remote viewing in real-time? If you’re unsure which video security system best meets your needs, Guardian Security Solutions can help.



Guardian Security Solutions provides industry-leading commercial security equipment and surveillance in Calgary, Lethbridge and the surrounding areas. We offer customized solutions to fit your business’ needs and priorities, and our certified technicians are available to install, service and maintain your security system. Contact us today for more information about our products and services.



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