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Burglar with mask on and flashlight sneaking trough the door

Most homeowners expend the majority of their time — and money — securing the contents of their living spaces. However, your garage is one of your home’s most vulnerable entry points. The clutter and lack of regular traffic make it a potential hiding spot for intruders to lurk as they wait for their chance to get deeper into your home. Here are some tips to secure your garage door from potential burglars.

Good habits

Don’t let convenience and bad habits override your good sense. Adopt these practices to prevent unwelcome visitors from coming in through your garage.

  • Keep your garage door remote with your car keys. While it’s common practice to clip your garage door opener to the sun visor in your car, it’s best not to leave it where a passerby might easily see it and swipe it.

  • Tend your yard. Tidy landscaping minimizes opportunities for prowlers to hide in the bushes, waiting for a chance to sneak inside your home.

  • Keep your valuables out of sight. Add frosting to your garage windows to help preserve your privacy while still allowing in natural light.

  • Lock the door between your garage and the rest of your house. Make it a house rule to keep it locked. Check it at the end of every day.

Another obvious but essential habit is keeping your garage door closed. It’s easy to spend a leisurely Saturday puttering around the garden and then forget to close it. Make it a suppertime practice, along with doing the dishes, to check your garage door.


Useful gadgets

Consider adding technology to your home security mix for enhanced security and peace of mind. Here are a few interesting gadgets.

  • Smart garage door opener. This next-level garage door opener lets you check the status of your garage door even when you’re not home. You can pair it with your home automation devices for voice control.

  • Automatic garage door lock. This automatic deadbolt activates after you close your garage door.

  • Security camera with night vision. An outdoor security camera keeps you aware of what’s happening outside your house and doubles as an effective deterrent.

For the ultimate in security, talk to a home security expert about third-party home monitoring. Protect your property with remote support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Wireless home alarm systems and security cameras in Lethbridge and Calgary

Whether you need a new indoor security camera for your video surveillance system or an updated door intercom, Guardian Security Solutions can help. We can advise you on home alarms, monitoring systems and more. Plus, our installation and maintenance services are second to none.Contact us today in Calgary or Lethbridge to discuss how we can make your home more secure.


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