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Remote working has many benefits, including increased productivity and happier employees. However, having your staff work remotely comes with business security challenges, namely cybersecurity. Here are some ways to keep your company’s sensitive private data safe from hackers.

Why you need a cybersecurity policy for your company

When you have employees working from their homes, your company’s private data is at an increased risk of being compromised by cyberhackers. That’s because residential home networks are unsecured and lack the commercial security features your office network has. Additionally, employees may also work via unsecured networks from hotels or coffee shops.

Unsecured networks don’t require authentication to use them, so anyone can join and gain access to your employees’ devices and company information.

How to create an effective security policy

To minimize the hacking risk, it’s essential to establish an effective security policy for your business. Here are some tips:

  • Set up antivirus and antimalware software on employee devices and have your IT team inform employees when there are updates.

  • Have workers use a virtual private network (VPN) when accessing internet networks. A VPN provides a secure, encrypted connection that can connect your employees’ devices to your network as if they were physically in the office.

  • Conduct regular cyberthreat assessments to determine if there’s been any malicious activity on your network and work with your IT department to close security gaps.

  • Establish a protocol to follow if an employee's device is lost or stolen. Ensure employees know who to contact to change passwords or wipe devices before confidential data is breached.

  • Ensure employee devices can download your security software. Prohibit the installation of unauthorized software.

  • Give access to sensitive company information to only those employees who need it.

  • Mandate that employees use multi-factor authentication and use hard-to-guess passwords.

Also, remind employees never to leave devices unattended and to ensure devices are locked when not in use.

Help employees improve their personal home security

You can also help your remote employees enhance the security of their personal home internet networks by providing useful advice. Suggest these tips:

  • Secure the router by changing the default service set identifier (SSID) and password.

  • Don’t share home network information with contractors, landscapers or neighbours.

  • Encourage employees to set up a guest network.

  • Install antispyware and firewall software as an added layer of protection.

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