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Access control is the cornerstone of commercial security. Ensuring that only authorized people can reach sensitive areas and that you can monitor who goes where and when is crucial to the safety of your employees and customers.


It also allows you to avoid problems related to theft. Here’s how to makes sure you access control system is as effective as possible.


Evaluate your needs

You should consider how a new system will fit with your existing configuration, as you may otherwise have to spend time and money fixing compatibility issues. Selecting a system that doesn’t work well could end up causing organizational issues down the road. Instead, you should determine prior to purchase where a system is needed, when it will be used and how many people will have access.


Create access levels

Access control systems perform best when they’re more than a set of locks, and organization goes a long way. If applicable, map out your building and then create security zones based on how sensitive the areas are and who needs to have access to them. This will help you select the right technology for each access level.


Test and test again

Make it a habit to test the system at regular intervals and whenever you make a change (for example, when someone leaves the company or when you onboard a new hire). Alarms, in particular, should be tested often, as they will typically not sound off for long periods of time and a malfunction can easily go unnoticed. Regular testing will also help you keep track of access cards.


Don’t let your technology become obsolete

Security system experts recommend that you upgrade your access control technology every 10 years. Failing to do so is likely to result in your property becoming a lot less secure than it should be. Though there’s a misconception that security systems are a one-time expense, the fact of the matter is you need to keep up with new developments. This means staying current with advancements in security technology and in methods to trick or overcome said technology.


In addition, you should stay current on all software used to run your security system and update it at least yearly.


Work with reliable security systems contractors

The best way to ensure your access control system can keep your facilities secure is to get experienced professionals to install it. In Lethbridge and Calgary, Guardian Security Solutions can help with installation, monitoring and more. Contact us today to learn more or for a free quote.



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