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Commercial Security Habits

No matter what type of business you run, or what the size your team is, every company — including yours — should have some sort of security policy in place. 

While your ideal security solution will depend on the sort of work you do, it’s important that all of your employees work together to keep your business safe. Here’s how to foster a culture of security within your team.


Implement the appropriate policies and practices. Since there’s no one-size-fits-all security solution that works for every company, you’ll need to analyze your biggest threats and find ways to protect yourself against them. For example, a retail location may need indoor CCTV so managers can keep an eye on customers and employees. Other businesses may need to implement access control systems to make sure that unwanted visitors can’t get into the building. And all businesses need to think about fire alarms in case of an emergency.

• Document security policies. The best security systems are useless if your team doesn’t know about them. Once you’ve determined the policies that need to be put into place, put them down on paper. Create an official security policy document that specifies rules and procedures that everyone in the company must follow. Distribute this file to employees as its own document or as a part of the employee handbook.


• Share the information. There are many ways to spread your message of security and you should do so more than once. Ideally, you’ll hold yearly training sessions to remind employees of what’s written in the official security policy document. Information can also be shared via posters, newsletters and stories, all of which can also help promote a culture of security.


• Recognize and reward. It all too easy to punish people for not following the security systems you’ve put into place. However, when you reward employees for doing the right thing, you’ll find that your team will be more open to learning and following protocols. This can include cash incentives for following training or simply mentioning an employee in a companywide newsletter or email for consistently following protocol.


Customized security systems in Calgary and Lethbridge

The first step for any business that’s looking to adopt good security habits is to install a top of the line security system. Guardian Security Solutions will work with you to create a personalized system that meets your needs. Call us today to find out more about the services we offer.



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