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Warehouse with variety of products surveillance

Internal losses can add up quickly, which is why businesses that handle inventory should be equipped with a comprehensive and effective security system. Here’s how the right system can help.


1. Deter poor conduct

While it’s important to build a strong relationship of trust with your staff, the fact remains that lax work ethics, laziness and sometimes maliciousness can cost you a lot of money. From vandalism to leaving sensitive areas unlocked and accessible, installing access control features and surveillance cameras is a good way to ensure everyone behaves appropriately. 

2. Prevent employee theft

Employee theft is one of the main causes of internal losses for retail businesses. Making sure that you provide good working conditions is an essential preventive measure, but having the resources to deter theft and potentially identify culprits may also turn out to be useful. To achieve this, a CCTV system and more robust access control may be all you need.

3. Make inventory and equipment management easier

Poor inventory tracking and management is a common way that companies lose money. With access control technology, however, you’ll be able to track who enters which rooms and when. This is useful if you need to check on inventory workers moved around the premises.  

Furthermore, the data collected from the camera footage can be useful. It can reveal high-traffic and dead periods, which will help you eliminate inefficiencies by adjusting staff hours and how much merchandise should be moved and when.

4. Mitigate the impact of mistakes

If you deal with temperature-sensitive or otherwise fragile or expensive goods, you can add a monitoring option to your overall security system to ensure you lose less inventory to human error. Along with door sensors and cameras, monitoring services can easily alert you when a cold storage room has been left open or something else is out of place. This way, you can get someone to deal with the problem before it results in a loss.


Commercial Security Systems in Calgary and Lethbridge

A security system can help prevent internal losses, but only if it’s properly installed and maintained. Fortunately, Guardian Security Solutions can assist you with all your surveillance, intercom and access control system needs. If you’d like to update the security features in your commercial operation, give us a call. Contact us today to learn more about our security systems.



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