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Smart phone with a home control displayed

Modern technology allows homeowners to control many appliances and gadgets from their smartphones. Whether at work, running errands, or on vacation, you can control the machines in your home, activating or deactivating them or adjusting settings. Here are eight things home automation lets you control from your phone.

  1. Home security system. Modern home security systems notify you through your phone if there’s been a break-in, fire, or flood. You can also use your phone to see what’s happening inside your home by accessing surveillance camera video feeds.

  2. Thermostat. Smart thermostats now connect to your phone, letting you set the indoor temperature from anywhere. It helps save energy, taking the pressure off your HVAC system when you’re not around. Just turn on the furnace a few minutes before you get home.

  3. Pet feeder. If you’re going away for the weekend, use a smart pet feeder to feed your dog or cat at the right times. Some are equipped with cameras so you can see how your pet is doing.

  4. Lights. Using your smartphone, you can turn lights on or off from anywhere, giving your empty home the appearance of people coming and going. Turn on the porch lights only a few minutes before you get home to save energy.

  5. Garage door. You no longer need a separate remote control for your garage door, as many openers now use smartphone activation. Open and close the door and get notifications whenever the door is activated.

  6. Door locks. With a smart lock, you don’t have to fumble with keys or worry about losing them. You can also let in the pet sitter or cleaning crew with a temporary code.

  7. Irrigation system. If you’re away and you hear there’s been a dry spell at home, you can activate your irrigation system to give your lawn a good soaking. Also, you can save water by turning your system off during wet periods.

  8. Appliances. Modern ovens, refrigerators, slow cookers, and washer-dryers now come with microchips that allow you to control them from your phone. They’ll also notify you when the fridge door is left open, the laundry is finished, or the roast is ready.

Home automation, surveillance, and security systems in Calgary and Lethbridge

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