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Commercial security system

Are you wondering if your security system is in need of an upgrade? If it’s been awhile, chances are the answer is yes.


In fact, most security equipment needs to be modernized at least every ten years or so. However, there are more concrete ways to tell if your system is outdated. Here are five signs that it’s time to replace it.


1. The image quality is subpar. When it comes to security footage, many people think of the grainy black and white images sometimes seen on the evening news. This type of footage is typically hard to see and makes it difficult to identify criminals, thereby making it somewhat useless. 

Many modern surveillance systems record in 1080p resolution, making the images produced as clear as those seen on your favourite TV show.


2. Restricted field of vision. Older security cameras tended to have blind spots. This meant that you needed to have many cameras in order to ensure you could see everything.


Newer models, however, have wider lenses that capture a much larger area. Some can even pan a full 360 degrees, thereby reducing the number of cameras you need.

3. They can only be monitored onsite. Surveillance systems that can only be monitored onsite are only useful if someone is always there watching.

Newer systems can be monitored from any smartphone or computer. Or, you can have your system connected to a 24-hour monitoring station, which provides constant surveillance and has an automated feature that contacts the proper authorities when necessary.

4. Limited storage capacity. The amount of storage necessary depends on your needs. But even if you don’t require a ton of space for your data, many older systems store footage on outdated hard drives or even video tape.

Modern systems will use new hard drives that can hold many days’ worth of footage, while others store their data on a cloud.


5. High maintenance costs. As electronics get older, they need more and more maintenance to keep them in good working order. And if your surveillance system is very old, you may find that replacement parts are expensive or hard to find. 

Newer surveillance systems are less hardware based, meaning they require less upkeep and fewer replacement parts.


If you’re ready to upgrade your surveillance system, call Guardian Security Solutions. We offer top-of-the-line security cameras and alarm systems for homes and businesses. Contact us today to find out more about the products and services we offer.



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