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saving money

There are a number of financial benefits that come with installing a security system on your commercial property. Of course, it’ll protect you from vandalism and theft, but it’ll also save you money in the following four ways.


1. Lower insurance rates

Installing a commercial alarm system will provide a huge upgrade to your property’s security. Because it directly mitigates your risk of suffering losses, it lowers the likelihood you’ll have to file a claim and thus reduces your insurance premiums. Note, however, that most insurers require your alarm system to be linked to a 24-hour monitoring station to give you a discount.


2. Check slip and fall claims

One advantage of having a property-wide surveillance system is that if someone claims to have suffered a slip-and-fall accident on your property, it’s easy to check and see what really happened. Good-faith claims do exist but having video evidence of what really happened will usually make fraudulent ones vanish before they become a problem. Having security cameras on the property will also protect your employees, as they’ll have evidence if they’re injured at work.


3. Save on security personnel

In many commercial operations, including in retail stores, having security guards on site can be more of a risk than people realize. Insurance companies are actually more likely to charge higher premiums if an organization employs security guards, save for a few cases such as at a bank. This is because security guards aren’t able to catch everything. In addition, they aren’t as much of a deterrent as some business owners believe, and any mistakes they make while apprehending someone they believe is suspicious could result in very costly claims made against the retailer.


Access control systems and security cameras are a much cheaper, safer and more consistent alternative.


4. Increase efficiency

Your security system can double as a highly effective market research and organizational tool. This is especially true for retailers, who can check how effective their displays are. This lets them know where they should concentrate their efforts. It also allows them to evaluate the logistics of their operation and eliminate inefficiencies.


Hire commercial surveillance experts

Always remember that security and alarm systems are only as good as the people who install them. Whether you need a new CCTV system or outdoor security cameras, you can count on Guardian Security Solutions. We provide expert service to a wide range of commercial clients in and around Lethbridge and Calgary, so call us today to learn more about how we can help you.



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