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Many businesses own warehouses, and a good security system is crucial to keeping it, as well as its staff and contents, safe. Here are three steps to help you protect your storage facility from theft and damage.


1. Secure the perimeter 

Installing fencing around your warehouse will limit access to the facility and redirect visitors toward monitored points of entry. Limiting the number of entrances to your warehouse will help prevent intruders from going unnoticed. Fewer exits also mean fewer opportunities for employees to sneak out with stolen goods.

You should also install adequate lighting around all doors, parking areas and fence lines. Flood lights or exterior motion sensor lights will deter thieves, help keep employees safe and ensure intruders are visible on your security cameras in the event of a break-in.


2. Monitor entrances

All points of entry, including loading docks and shipping bays, should be equipped with security cameras. In addition to deterring theft, a surveillance system can help you keep track of inventory and monitor suspicious behaviour. If a burglary occurs, the footage can serve as evidence. 

To prevent unauthorized entrance to your warehouse, install an access control system. This type of security system can also be used to record employee movement and restrict access to areas within the warehouse where valuable equipment or confidential documents are stored.

Finally, ensure the entire facility is secured with an alarm system when there aren’t any employees on-site.


3. Don’t forget about safety

In addition to helping prevent theft, a warehouse security system should protect your facility from accidents and damage. A fire or flood can result in significantly higher financial losses than a break-in and may compromise the safety of your employees. 

Most security companies offer fire monitoring services that can be integrated with your warehouse’s existing smoke detectors and sprinkler system. Depending on the nature of your facility, you may also want to consider a hazardous gas detection system. Additionally, ensure your employees are properly trained and informed about safety and security protocols.



Alarm systems are vital to the safety and prosperity of commercial properties, whether it’s a well-placed indoor security camera or a facility-wide monitoring system. Guardian Security Solutions offers a variety of products, including indoor CCTV and commercial access control systems, to suit the needs and budget of your Calgary business. Contact us today to discuss your security requirements or schedule an installation.



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