Warehouse security monitoring

How to Secure Your Warehouse or Backstore

If you handle valuable materials or sell high-end products, it’s imperative that you make your stockroom or warehouse as secure as possible. By protecting your investment from would-be burglars, you’ll also be able to monitor suspicious behaviour and reduce the risk of accidents that could prove costly to your inventory. Here’s how to go about securing these spaces.


Install a Monitored CCTV System

Even if you already have a CCTV system, it’s important that it be monitored so problems can be spotted when they happen, rather than after the fact when not much can be done. To help you effectively monitor a warehouse or backstore, consider installing video screens in more than one location in your facility. This will help maximize the chances of spotting issues in real time. If you store inventory outside, adding exterior cameras can also prove beneficial.


Implement Access Control

One of the best ways to reduce the likelihood of theft is to install a comprehensive access control system. This way, access to sensitive areas where valuable merchandise is kept can be limited to a few trustworthy and careful employees. You’ll also be able to monitor who enters these areas and when, meaning that if an incident occurs despite your precautions, you’ll have vital information about the security breach.


Store Valuables in a Restricted Area

Access control systems aren’t as effective at protecting valuable inventory if the area needs to be accessed frequently or by numerous people. As much as possible, separate merchandise that’s likely to be the target of theft from the other merchandise and products you store. This will allow you to concentrate your security and monitoring systems on one location rather than every area where high-value inventory might be scattered throughout the premises.


Install an Alarm System

Your property should be protected by a commercial alarm system that includes glass-break sensors and covers every possible point of entry. While internal theft is a concern, forgoing a comprehensive alarm system could leave you vulnerable to break-ins. You should also consider having a professional monitoring service for your alarm system. This will increase its efficacy and help avoid stress related to false alarms and power outages.


Protect Your Valuable Inventory with Guardian Security Solutions

At Guardian Security Solutions, we can help ensure your warehouse or storeroom is secure. From CCTV, alarm and access control systems to monitoring and regular testing, our technicians provide professional and reliable service. Contact us today to find out more about our services or to request an estimate.