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How to Keep Your Employees Safe with a Commercial Security System

In addition to protecting your property, a commercial security system can help you keep your employees safe. The kind of business you run will determine what features you need to ensure your workers aren’t at risk. If you value employee safety, here are some of the security features you may benefit from.


Video Surveillance

Being able to monitor what’s happening on your property is a good way to spot problems before your employees are exposed to them. In addition, video surveillance can reveal areas where security measures may be lax or poorly implemented. It’ll also provide valuable evidence if your employees are targeted by spurious claims of negligence, for instance. They’re also a great deterrent and work to prevent break-ins, workplace violence and other confrontations.


Access Control

Making sure that only authorized personnel can gain entry to staff areas is paramount both to the safety of your employees and to the overall security of your business. Access control measures will ensure that only authorized employees can enter and exit sensitive or dangerous areas. This guarantees that no one but designated staff will have access to potentially dangerous places where injuries are more likely to happen.


Alarm System

Being able to alert everyone if there’s a break-in or a fire is one of the most important aspects of keeping your staff safe. Many systems can update you in real-time if there’s a broken window or a lock that’s been forced open. Plus, most can be customized to protect your staff from a variety of threats, depending on the layout of the workplace, the material and products stored, and a host of other variables. What’s more, remote monitoring ensures there’ll always be someone to alert authorities should something happen. Additionally, silent alarms, such as a panic button, allow employees to alert authorities without putting themselves at risk.


Thermal Imaging Cameras

With the current ongoing public health concerns, protecting your employees from exposure to COVID-19 is extremely important, especially if they work with the public. Installing thermal temperature detection equipment can help you screen for high body temperature, which can indicate fever.


Commercial Security Systems in Alberta

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