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Established in the UK in 1957, Tunstall is the World's leading supplier of personal emergency response systems (PERS) and telecare solutions for the provision of care for seniors and special risk groups. Tunstall's telecare monitoring equipment protects more than 2.5 million people around the world.

Tunstall supplies personal emergency response systems (PERS) and Telecare in North America through its subsidiary Tunstall Canada Inc. as well as distributors in the U.S.

Tunstall's systems enable independent living by providing the freedom, security and reassurance that seniors need.


to live where they want, the way they want


to protect both people and property


to know help is always at hand


Telecare enables the continuous, automatic and remote monitoring of real time emergencies and lifestyle changes over time in order to manage the risks associated with independent living.

Telecare has proved itself in the UK through pilots and trials since the late 1990s, where the experience has shown benefits to clients and care givers, enabling people to remain living independently in their homes or to return home from hospitals earlier than would otherwise be possible.

Services in the UK have successfully supported people at risk of falling, or with early-stage dementia, rapid response care and other services that avoid inappropriate use of hospital or long-term care sources. The UK Department of Health (DoH) is now actively promoting the application of Telecare.

Tunstall's Telecare products can complement and support care services within assisted living and long-term care as well as clients supported by informal caregivers.

The Tunstall PERS unit is the intelligent hub of the Telecare monitoring system. The unit connects to the telephone line and will automatically dial staff, personal care givers or a professional monitoring service to provide 2-way speech and information about the event.

PERS are designed to protect people living in their homes, apartments, condominiums or retirement residences. Equipped with a radio pendant, the units can be used to raise an alarm call from anywhere in the home by simply pressing the button or by pressing the large illuminated red button on the unit. A range of PERS units are available to provide the level of Telecare required.

Telecare sensors monitor risks, hazards and environmental conditions in the home and trigger a call from the PERS unit to a caregiver or a monitoring center when exceptions occur. They are wireless, battery operated and simple to install.

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