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security guard holding a communication radio in front of monitoring screens

Businesses and corporations are frequently targeted by criminals. They’re susceptible to theft, unlawful entry, vandalism, cyberattacks and other forms of sabotage. A comprehensive security system can help protect against a number of crimes and keep your business safe.

Each industry faces unique challenges and vulnerabilities that influence the scope of services they need. A professional security system provider can offer recommendations tailored to your needs. Here are some industrial security services to consider implementing on your property.

  • Manned guards and mobile patrols. Guards can prevent unauthorized entries to certain sites and handle threats as they arise. Plus, their presence can deter potential criminals. Simply having a live guard on-site can make you and your employees feel safer. In addition, large and remote sites can benefit from mobile patrols with guard dogs or marked security vehicles.

  • Bag checks. Employee theft is a problem that all industries must contend with. Random inspections and bag checks can reduce shoplifting and prevent the entry of prohibited items like weapons and illegal substances.

  • Cybersecurity. Cyberattacks are a growing concern for most industries. It’s crucial to take measures to protect your computer networks from intruders. Ransomware, malware and spyware are just some of the ways hackers will try to spy on you and steal your data. Proper cybersecurity can help guard against these attacks.

  • Commercial access control systems. Various technologies can allow you to manage who enters your building and when. Keypad entry systems, mobile apps and biometric devices are just a few examples of commercial access control systems that restrict entries by unauthorized individuals.

  • Commercial alarm systems. You can safeguard your business with a high-quality commercial alarm system. A comprehensive system includes security monitoring, smoke detection, video surveillance and more.

  • Closed-circuit television (CCTV). Camera surveillance is a must-have when it comes to industrial security. The benefits of CCTVs are numerous. Video surveillance helps prevent burglaries, vandalism and other crimes. The video footage captured by CCTVs can also help law enforcement identify criminals if your property is targeted. A CCTV can also be used to track inventory and provide a record of all your business transactions.



The experts at Guardian Security Solutions can help customize a security system to meet your specific needs. We offer a variety of products and services, including thermal temperature detection, fire monitoring, commercial access control systems, CCTV devices and more. We provide advanced commercial security systems in and around Calgary.

Our certified technicians are available to install, service and maintain your security system. Contact Guardian Security Solutions us today to learn more or get a free quote.



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