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A 360 security camera monitoring a warehouse.

Warehouse automation significantly improves efficiency, handling simple tasks so employees can focus on more critical aspects of the work. One area of warehouse automation with many benefits is security. Here’s how investing in security automation benefits your warehouse safety and operations.

What is security automation?

Security automation utilizes technology to automate certain security tasks. These tasks may include:

All or a combination of these tasks can help to protect your people and products.


Why security automation is essential

Warehouses move millions of dollars of inventory every day, and the logistics of managing these complex systems can leave security gaps that can lead to product loss and theft. In fact, loss from cargo theft in North America is estimated to be in the tens of billions of dollars annually. Security automation can fill gaps and reduce cargo theft and product loss.


4 benefits of warehouse security automation

Security automation has many benefits for warehouses, including:

  1. Increased control. Warehouse managers can track one site, multiple warehouses or an entire supply chain network by connecting all their security devices across a single platform.

  2. Simplified operations. Your IT department doesn’t need to get surveillance video notifications, grant access to restricted areas or monitor the temperature in the cold room. Automating these tasks frees up time for employees to focus on issues that better contribute to growth and profits.

  3. Real-time data dissemination. Instead of having staff do periodic checks for inventory theft and product damage, your automated security system can track losses as they happen. This level of insight allows you to make adjustments and correct problems immediately.

  4. Cost savings. When you add up the cost savings of the above benefits, automating security is a wise investment for any warehouse facility. And with new data coming in all the time, you can hone and adjust your operations to be leaner and more profitable. 

Warehouse security and access control

Warehouses have dozens of access points throughout the facilities. An access control system gives you control over who enters restricted areas and provides a digital history of when a door was used, who used it and when. Incorporate features such as biometric scanners, RFID tags or smart cards to decrease costs and increase efficiency.

Surveillance and access control systems deter theft, help enforce safety rules, identify hazards and respond to emergencies.


Commercial access control and alarm systems in Calgary

At Guardian Security Solutions, we provide monitored security and alarm systems for business owners in Lethbridge and Calgary. We’ve been trusted security systems suppliers of commercial surveillance cameras, indoor CCTV and intruder alarm systems since 2005. We also offer commercial security system camera installation and door systems with access control. Contact us today in Calgary or Lethbridge to learn more.


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