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Indorr CCTV Calgary

Retail stores are an obvious target for thieves. With high-value merchandise and cash on premises, retail stores can provide easy opportunities for profit—at your expense. As a store owner, it’s essential that you have robust security in place, from intelligent alarm systems to commercial surveillance cameras (including both outdoor and indoor CCTV). Here are three of the most effective security measures for retailers to consider.


1. Monitored alarm system

Monitored alarms ensure that an alarm sounds and authorities are alerted as soon as a break-in occurs. They can be used to detect an open door, a broken window or a human moving. When a monitored alarm is tripped, an audible alarm goes off and an alert is sent to you as well as your security provider’s monitoring station. Your security provider then takes charge of the situation and ensures that emergency personnel are immediately dispatched.


2. Commercial access control system

This technology allows you to monitor and restrict who has access to various parts of your store. Employees are assigned unique codes — or may use their fingerprint — to access the different areas. This prevents burglars from gaining access to closed rooms.

Commercial access alarm systems can also help to guard against employee theft. You can restrict access to certain rooms and keep records of your employees’ comings and goings.


3. Video surveillance system (CCTV)

Indoor CCTV serves two highly useful functions. Firstly, it serves as evidence in the event that a theft or act of vandalism occurs, thereby allowing the authorities to identify and prosecute the offender. Secondly, it deters thieves and vandals from taking action on your property.


Note that many modern outdoor and indoor CCTV systems are wireless and can be viewed from anywhere. If you’re looking for commercial surveillance cameras of this kind, Guardian Security in Calgary has the newest and best.


It’s important that indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras are set up in key spots. The specific locations depend on your property and your operations. A trained technician will be able to place the cameras strategically, taking into account all the relevant factors, including the business owner’s input.


Business security solutions in Calgary

To get the optimal security system for your Calgary or Lethbridge business, count on Guardian Security. We install advanced security equipment from top manufacturers that’s customized to suit your specific needs and budget. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services.



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