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Here are some of the ways hackers can get into your DIY home security system.

DIY home security systems have revolutionized the industry. All you need is Wi-Fi and a smartphone, and you can have security cameras in your home. However, simple web-based systems are vulnerable to hacking, putting you and your data at risk. Here are some of the ways hackers can get into your DIY home security system.



If your password for your home security system isn’t long and complicated, hackers can guess what it is. Studies have shown that most people use simple passwords that are eight characters or less, making them vulnerable.

In addition, some hackers use phishing schemes, a tactic that involves sending you an email impersonating a legitimate company that asks you to log on to a website. Once you type in your credentials, the hacker gains access to your data.

You also put yourself at risk if you don’t set up a two-step authorization system whereby you’re required to log in with a password plus use a passcode sent to your mobile device. There’s also biometric authorization, which uses fingerprints or facial recognition software to prevent unauthorized access.



Sometimes hackers will access the home security company’s database, accessing sensitive information for hundreds or thousands of customers. In March 2021, for example, news broke of a group of hackers who accessed live feeds of 150,000 surveillance cameras located inside schools, hospitals, police stations and prisons.

Lost or stolen devices

If you lose your phone or someone steals it, it can get into the hands of hackers or burglars who can easily access your home security system and monitor your cameras to see if and when you’re home.



You can help prevent hacking by using a strong, long password and changing it often. You should also set up a two-step authorization system and keep your cell phone in a safe place at all times.

Alternatively, using a professional home security company can give you peace of mind that security experts are watching your home day and night. Home security companies bypass the web entirely to ensure that your home, and your data, are safe.



At Guardian Security Solutions, our home security experts install advanced home security systems. We monitor our systems 24/7 and can help you keep your home secure. We also provide commercial and industrial security alarms, cameras and systems. To schedule a consultation with our home security professionals, contact us today at our locations in Calgary or Lethbridge..


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