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Homeowners beware. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has issued a warning about door-to-door salespeople selling home security systems, pressuring you into signing contracts that provide sub-par products and minimal service. Here’s what you should know about door-to-door sales for home security systems.


The door-to-door sales pitch

According to the BBB, some door-to-door home security salespeople falsely claim to represent your current alarm company or tell you your current alarm company is out of business and has been sold to the salesperson’s business.

These salespeople use aggressive tactics to get you to sign a contract there and then. They often target seniors who can’t distinguish between high- and poor-quality technological products. They’ll tell you that you’re putting your home and family at risk by not purchasing their products.


The risks of buying door-to-door

The genuine risk of buying door-to-door is that you get locked into a multi-year contract with hundreds or thousands of dollars hidden costs, making it difficult to break your contract early.

Another risk is that you have poor-quality products such as low-resolution cameras that don’t offer remote viewing. These products are out-of-date and provide minimal protection.

Above all, these companies don’t offer effective monitoring. 24/7 alarm system monitoring is the most critical feature of any residential or commercial alarm system, alerting authorities to break-ins, fires or medical emergencies so you can get help quickly.


How to protect yourself from home security scams

Avoid falling prey to a home security scam by following these tips:

  • Read and understand the contract. Scammers will try to get you to sign on the dotted line without giving you time to read the contract. Legitimate security providers will always give you ample time to review the agreement and answer questions.

  • Do research. Look for proper company identification and go online and research the business. Search sites like Google or the Better Business Bureau and see if the company exists. Check its history, connection to the community and customer reviews.

  • Avoid salespeople altogether. Don’t open the door for anyone you don’t recognize or install a remote doorbell so you can see and hear whoever’s at the door without having to open it.

Keep in mind that under Alberta law, you can cancel a contract for any reason within 10 days, even if the alarm equipment is installed.


Home security and alarm systems in Calgary

At Guardian Security Solutions, we’ve been a trusted provider of commercial and residential security systems in Lethbridge and Calgary since 2005. We provide surveillance to 10,000 customers and are an authorized SecurTek Monitoring Solutions dealer, offering reliable 24/7/365 monitoring. For alarm systems and indoor security camera installation, contact us today at our Calgary or Lethbridge locations.


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