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DSC’s PowerSeries Neo is a powerful and scalable hybrid commercial security solution.


It provides the convenience of a wireless system while also offering the same level of reliability and security that a hardwired system delivers. Here are several reasons it may be the right one for your business.


It’s flexible

The DSC PowerSeries Neo is modular, meaning it lets you add components as needed so that you don’t have to compromise on your security requirements or on your budget. In fact, the system can be augmented with any devices compatible with the PowerG platform.


Some of the available components include glass break or motion detectors, temperature sensors, sirens and more. Flexible integration allows you to design the perfect security system for your needs.


This ability to adapt also extends to interface and control modules, with DSC offering a range of physical and digital control panels.


It’s scalable

The modular design of the PowerSeries Neo ensures that the system’s capabilities will grow along with your needs. This means you won’t need to change the entire system when you want to upgrade it, and you can use the same system whether you’re securing a warehouse or a small retail outlet. This allows for seamless integration across your entire operation so that you never have to worry about compatibility.


It’s a hybrid system

The PowerSeries Neo provides the assets of both a wireless and hardwired system. It relies on PowerG technology to provide fast, reliable and secure wireless communication while also allowing for hardwired communication when wireless isn’t possible. This is especially relevant if you have to maintain hardwired protection in certain zones of your property, as you’ll be able to use one and the same system to protect these areas. For the areas where hardwired connections aren’t practical, you’ll benefit from the fast, reliable and secure wireless connection provided by the PowerG platform.


It’s secure

Another crucial feature of the PowerSeries Neo is that its reliance on the PowerG platform means it benefits from two-way 128-bit AES encryption. This makes your wireless connections as secure as hardwired ones. In addition, the full suite of support software offered for PowerSeries Neo systems ensures secure remote operation and diagnostics.


Commercial security systems in Calgary and Lethbridge

The DSC PowerSeries Neo is a highly flexible system that’s designed to adapt to your needs. If you’d like to learn more about it, Guardian Security Solutions can help. From installation to monitoring, we provide a wide range of commercial security services. Contact us today to find out more.



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