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security access systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to rethink many aspects of our lives. For owner-operators of retail stores and other establishments, it means facing a higher risk of break-ins.


If you’re unsure of how to go about protecting your store, here’s what you should know.


Determine your risks

Not all businesses face the same level of risk, which is why you need to assess if your operation may be targeted by burglars and what your specific vulnerabilities are. For example, if you store expensive merchandise on site, your risk is at greater than if you don’t.


Above all, don’t forget that information is valuable, and access to even one computer connected to your network could spell disaster. If someone uploads malicious code, it could easily spread through your whole network.


Additionally, you’ll need to determine how to conduct your business while maintaining social distance among your employees and customers.


Make a plan

Once you’ve identified your risks and vulnerabilities, it’s time to mitigate them. The basic principle here is to make it more trouble than it’s worth to access your computers or merchandise. Installing physical barriers, such as access control systems, is an effective way to protect your business.

During a pandemic, you’ll also need to plan for how you’ll manage if employees get sick. This is especially important if you have security staff or if your security system requires monitoring. You’ll either have to be prepared to find replacements on short notice or outsource your security management.


Remember to regularly update the list of people who are contacted in case of an emergency. Who can and can’t help may change quickly.


Implement the plan

Once you know what you have to do, determine how and when you’ll implement each part of your plan. This is when problems may become apparent, and you may have to figure out solutions on the fly. For instance, it may not be possible to have enough staff on site to ensure your business is secure, especially during a pandemic when you’re likely to have fewer employees. Security cameras and thermal imaging may help reduce the amount of time your staff will have to spend worrying about security.


Business security solutions

If you aren’t sure how to secure your business, Guardian Security Solutions can help. From CCTV systems to thermal imaging for detection of possible infections, we have you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our services.



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