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Fire alarm on with smoke around it

You may be relieved that firefighters don’t show up whenever your burnt toast sets off your kitchen’s smoke detector. But if you find yourself in a blaze and need help fast, a fire alarm monitoring system can save your life. Here’s what you need to know about fire alarm monitoring.


Fire alarm monitoring isn’t included with every fire alarm

Not all fire alarm systems have monitoring. In large buildings, the alarm system consists of a control panel and individual alarm devices. These devices may include smoke or heat detectors, manual pull levers, bells and sprinklers. Its purpose is to alert occupants of the building and urge them to get to safety and call for help.


What does a fire alarm monitoring system do?

A fire alarm monitoring system makes the call for help for you when a smoke detector, heat detector, manual alarm pull station or sprinkler system is activated in your building. While you’re hustling out of harm’s way, the monitoring system transmits alarm signals to the fire department via a ULC-certified monitoring station before you can say “9-1-1.” It may also alert other responsible parties, such as the building manager.


What’s ULC certification?

ULC refers to Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, an independent organization whose purpose is to test, inspect and certify safety products and monitoring services. Alarm monitoring systems provided in Canada must comply with ULC standards. When you hire a professional to install your fire alarm and monitoring systems, ask whether they’re certified under ULC’s Fire and Security Alarm System certificate program.


Benefits of fire alarm monitoring

Under your provincial and municipal zoning regulations, your commercial building may be required to have monitoring as part of your alarm system. Whether you need it or not, here are some of the benefits of fire alarm monitoring:

  • It guards against unintentional inaction. Without monitoring, you run the risk of people assuming the fire department has been notified and failing to make the call.

  • Your insurance company may make monitoring a condition of your coverage or offer financial incentives for investing in it.

  • Proactive system monitoring lets you know when your fire alarm or sprinkler system needs servicing.

Fire alarm monitoring is one extra measure you can take to keep the people in your building safe and minimize your liability risk.


Wireless security camera and alarm systems in Calgary and Lethbridge

Guardian Security Solutions can provide your home and business with the alarm system you need. From outdoor and indoor security video cameras to monitoring systems for your fire alarms, we’re here to keep you safe and get you fast help when you need it. Contact us in Calgary or Lethbridge to learn more about our services.


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