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Master lockers and a chain

Advances in wireless technology have made it possible for homeowners to install their own security systems. Although these inexpensive, do-it-yourself options may sound appealing, there are several reasons you should steer clear of them.

  1. DIY installation can be a hassle Scheduling a service call with a professional security company can seem inconvenient — until you try to install a home security system yourself. An experienced security technician can have your new system set up in a fraction of the time it would take you to read through an instruction manual or attempt to install the system through trial and error.

  2. You’re not a security expert An incorrectly installed security system can leave you vulnerable. Something as simple as a poorly placed motion sensor can compromise the whole system and result in an undetected break-in. A security technician, on the other hand, will verify that your system is properly installed, walk you through its features and even suggest ways to further improve your home security.

  3. Emergency response time will be slower Most DIY home security systems don’t offer professional monitoring services. This means that, although you’ll receive an alert when a sensor is triggered, emergency responders won’t be notified. You’ll need to contact the authorities yourself, which could impact response time. In contrast, a professional monitoring station will ensure emergency responders are promptly dispatched even if you’re unavailable or incapacitated.

  4. You’ll miss out on technical support The burden of repairing and replacing damaged or malfunctioning equipment falls on you when you have a DIY security system. This can be costly, and problems are more likely to occur when a security system isn’t installed by a professional technician. You also won’t benefit from the annual system test and inspection offered by home security companies.

  5. DIY systems have limited capabilities A system that’s simple enough to be installed by the average homeowner may not be sophisticated enough to meet your security needs. A DIY system may have a limited number of door and window sensors, require an internet connection to function and be unable to integrate with your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.



A DIY home security system is better than nothing, but it’s important to recognize the limitations of these alarm systems. The security of your home and family is paramount and should be left to an expert. Guardian Security Solutions designs and installs reliable alarm and security systems in Calgary and Lethbridge. For more information or to schedule an installation, contact us today.



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